Fix Mail Problems for the Mac Operating System after Updating to EI Capitan

In this article we will discuss some EI Capitan Mail app issues and provide some manual process to resolve them.
People who use the Mac Operating System have discovered some serious issue with Mac Mail app when they update Mac OS  to OSX 10.10.4. If you are a user of Mac Outlook and are facing this problem, then you should download the latest software version available from Apple to resolve the EI Capitan mail problems with Mac Outlook. If you are having issues with Mail then follow the solution below.

Verify Mail Settings with EI Capitan Mail settings Lookup:

Apple offers a tool to verify the email settings of your account. With the help of this tool you can ensure that they fill the information correctly or not.

Fix an icloud account:

Follow the steps below if your are not able to send emails using icloud account after updating to EI capitan:

  • Go to system prefrences > click on icloud > untick the checkbox beside mail to disable it.
  • Once the process completes, click on the box to turn mail back on and close the system preferences.
  • Launch mail and open preferences > Accounts choose icloud.
  • Set the “Outgoing Mail Server” section to the right to icloud.
  • Close preferences and launch mail.

Fix Your Account:

If your Mail account is misbehaving like not sending e-mail, seems inactive or some other fault, then Start mail preferences, Select account from the accounts tab and click on “Advance tab”.
Now At the top of the list you will notice the tick box of “Automatically detect and maintain account settings”.
If the box is unchecked, then check it and relaunch Mail, if the box is checked, then uncheck it and relaunch the Mail, reactivate it and then exit and restart Mail once again.
You should repeat the process for each of your troublesome accounts.

Disable all the mail extension:

If you are a Mac user who is using third party mail extension and facing problems in using the app, then you should disable your extensions and restart the application. After disabling the extension you can see the difference if the app is working fine then you can enable the extension one at a time and check which one is causing the problem and then ask for help from the developer or from people here.

Stop the freeze:

If Mail is crashing at the start of the app then you can prevent this behavior by controlling your accounts and make them turn on one at a time instead of all at once.

  • Before you start Mail turn off the WiFi and Disconnect the Mac from the internet. This will stop mail from downloading mails on launch.
  • Launch the Mail.
  • Go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts.
  • Using the checkbox beside of your all accounts, disable each of your mail account.
  • Quit the Mail
  • Relaunch mail, reconnect to the internet and turn on wifi.
  • Now enable your Mail accounts one by one. Let each account download all its messages before enabling the next.

Optimize your database:

Some Mail users find that EI Capitan isn't able to access the server and because of this Mail gets stuck in a loop while “optimizing mail database”. A hidden reason for this problem is changes in how EI Capitan handles incoming emails, which might clash with the settings you had on previous Mail/OS iteration. An effective solution for this problem is to delete an email account that is causing the issue before creating a new account with identical settings. But remember it's not a perfect solution and you should create an offline backup of your messages using any utilities like email archiver.

Conclusion: EI Capitan update is different in many ways. If none of the above fixes your EI Capitan Mail problem, then it’s the time to rebuild and reindex Mail and before you should backup your mail accounts to your local machine.

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