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Brian MurphySenior Information Technology Consultant
Holistic technology infrastructure strategy, design, engineering and implementation that is highly scalable, secure, optimized, automated

In Part Two, I prepared VMware vCenter and XenDesktop server(s) for configuration of XenDesktop site. Those are proactive steps that address problems before they occur -- otherwise known as "defect prevention". Defects happen during a project implementation causing delays. Some defects cause projects to go "red" resulting in requests for additional time. Identifying and documenting those defects during proof-of-concept (POC) should prevent those in same defects in Pilot and Production implementation.  

This article demonstrates the basic configuration of XenDesktop with Citrix Studio. Citrix Studio is the primary tool (other than Powershell) used to configure custom connections to different hypervisors. Citrix supports connections to one or all three of the following;
  1. XenServer
  2. Hyper-V
  3. VMware ESX
  1. Self-signed vCenter server certificate imported to XenDesktop server Microsoft Crypto Local Machine Store, Trusted People; potential defects addressed in Part Two; Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 VMware SDK Certificate
  2. Citrix XenDesktop core software installed on the separate server; Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Core Software Install
  3. VMware vCenter installed on the separate server as a proof-of-concept
  4. Citrix service account user exists in Active Directory and member of local Administrators on both servers with a role or permissions assigned in vSphere per Citrix EDOCS:  Prepare the virtualization environment: VMware
Log in to the XenDesktop server as the AD service account or a user with appropriate permissions in XenDesktop database and the vSphere server running on Windows.

Launch Citrix Studio > On the Welcome Citrix Studio click "Deliver applications and desktops to your users"

Citrix Studio
Create "A fully configured site....", Type a "Site name"  Click Next.
Citrix Studio - Introduction
PART3IMAGE2.pngFor the proof-of-concept, the "Database server location" is .\SQLEXPRESS > "Database Name:" Citrix-XenDesktop-POC
Click "Test Connection"
Citrix Studio - Database 
After clicking "Test Connection," I get a Studio notification that "No database was found....." > Message: "Click OK if you want Studio to create the database automatically" > Click OK

PART3IMAGE4.pngDefect Prevention
If you click "Next" and receive the message below it most likely is SQL permissions. This "defect" is common with full installs of Microsoft SQL server. This is not applicable with SQL Express.
SQL Express or Full install requires minimal permissions. With SQL Express the domain user (or service account) is granted SA rights in SQL and assumed to have local Administrator rights on the local server. Clicking on OK validates the domain user rights in SQL. If permissions are correct, clicking OK creates the database. If not, it prompts for new SQL credentials.

The granular permissions are available for review online: Reference
MS-SQL-PERMISSIONS.pngThe "Test Connection" runs in the context of the current logged on user. If this is the Citrix Service account it should have the required permissions in SQL. With SQL Express, the user ID at install is given SA privilege. Instructions will vary with full Microsoft SQL installation. The assumption is SQL Express 2012 for the proof-of-concept (POC).
Citrix Studio - Database 
PART3-IMAGE5.pngThe "Generate database script..." is used when SQL is maintained by separate team. The SQL scripts can be generated manually and given to the SQL DBA. This automates the creation of the database using the domain credentials provided with the scripts. Then come back to this screen and click Test Connection.  

Clicking "Next" starts a process that validates permissions to the database server and creates the initial tables.

Tests Passed
Citrix Studio - Licensing
PART3-IMAGE8.pngFor licensing the assumption is an existing License server exists for Citrix XenApp 7.6. Type the name of existing server and choose "Connect".

The License server should already have XenDesktop licenses from an existing agreement or Trial. When you click on "Connect" it will validate the License server if licenses exist. You can then choose "Use an existing license" or "Use the free 30-day trial"

In Part Three, I perform the basic configuration of Citrix XenDesktop site using Citrix Studio. In Part Two, I proactively address certificate issues to streamline the configuration steps in Part Three. 

Continue to Part Four.
Brian MurphySenior Information Technology Consultant
Holistic technology infrastructure strategy, design, engineering and implementation that is highly scalable, secure, optimized, automated

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