Resolving issue of users are not able to send or receive emails.

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Problem: Users are not able to send or receive emails.

Initial investigation: User are receiving System generated emails or non delivery report (NDR) emails; which suggests user mailbox has reached configured threshold limits.
Next level of investigation:  

Possibility 1: When administrator checks the mailbox size from outlook or Exchange System Manager; he finds user mailbox has reached threshold values.

Actions 1.a: To delete/archive emails from the mailbox; delete emails from “Recover Deleted Items”.

Actions 1.b: Once mailbox size is below threshold limit, schedule online maintenance to run immediately so that it will purge those deleted emails from mailboxes/mailbox store database.

Action 1.c: To run online maintenance, change the schedule of same from mailbox store properties – Database Tab – Maintenance Interval – Customize.

Possibility 2: When administrator checks the mailbox size from outlook or Exchange System Manager; he finds user mailbox has not reached threshold values.

Action 2.a: Expand Server – Storage Group – Mailbox Store – Mailboxes.
Action 2.b: Click View Menu and select “add/remove columns”

Action 2.c: Then you will have following options. Select Deleted Items and Storage limits.  

Action 2.d: Now you will be able to view that mailbox’s deleted item which are retained due to “Retain Delete Items” policy as well as it displays whether mailbox is below or above threshold limit.

Action 2.e: Surely you will find user’s mailbox is above threshold limit, so follow Action 1.a; 1.b and 1.c to resolve the problem.
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