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Sign up for a free "Customer" account online at  This account used for free trial software, free online training, free videos, and free tools.

Sign up for free training at, using your new or existing Citrix account.

Search for CXA-104 Citrix XenApp 7.6 Overview
Search for CAD-100 Introduction to Citrix AppDNA (A tool for developers and application owners)

Once you complete the free training, I recommend downloading a free tool, Citrix Scout for XenApp and XenDesktop.  

Assuming you have a XenApp or XenDesktop environment.  This free tool is one of the best ways to learn about your environment.  Regardless of a new installation or taking over an existing environment.  The tool ships with version 7.x but still a good idea to check the latest version.  
Citrix Scout is a free tool used to create support bundles and upload to the automated analysis website offered by Citrix.
Download Scout

Extract the file.  Run the installation on your XenApp or XenDesktop server.  Scout shows missing Microsoft and Citrix patches, parses the event logs, application faults, server logs, and much more.

Scout is a free tool and an excellent way to learn a lot of stuff quick.  It requires Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop.  

You can obtain a free evaluation of the latest software from Citrix.  It requires a My Citrix ID.  
Obtain Free Trial of XenDesktop
Obtain Free Trial of XenApp

Take a look at these free training video's for Citrix Scout:
  1. Using Scout to gather data from XenApp & XenDesktop Systems
  2. Citrix Scout for XenDesktop 7.1
The result is a support file that you upload to   CIS is available when you sign up for a free Citrix customer account.  CIS is a free service that allows you to perform debug analysis on support bundles created using Citrix Scout.  

Citrix runs on Microsoft operating system.  Citrix is a conduit for the business application.  To obtain value from a Citrix solution requires migrating distributed enterprise applications - installed on workstations - to centralized servers sharing CPU, memory, network, and disk resources.  

In some scenarios, enterprise applications packaged and installed on Microsoft 32 bit operating systems designed for a single user per login and dedicated workstation resources.  

Citrix strategy consists of migrating these enterprise applications to Microsoft 64 bit server operating systems running in the datacenter. Citrix software facilitates access to those applications.  Citrix enhances the end-user experience when business applications work as designed.  Citrix does not remediate poorly written applications.  

Migration of enterprise applications from 32-bit workstation to 64-bit server requires extensive intellectual resources and unique tools.  APPDNA is one of a few tools needed to pull off a migration from distributed workstation to central shared resource server farm.

Over the years, I've found a select assortment of tools that I consider critical to my toolkit.  These "most valuable tools" (MVT) free to download, require no online forms, no marketing questionnaires, full documentation, and online training videos.

  1. Microsoft VMMAP
  2. Microsoft ADEXPLORE
  3. Microsoft RAMMAP 
  4. Microsoft TCPVIEW
  5. Microsoft AUTORUNS
  7. Microsoft PROCESS MONITOR
  8. Microsoft Message Analyzer
  9. Notepad++
  10. DigiCert PFX Certificate Export Utility
  11. VMware for Windows Optimization Tool
  12. Citrix Scout
  13. Citrix Receiver Clean Uninstall Utility
  14. Idera Powershell Plus
  15. Idera Windows Capacity Check
The tools from Microsoft Sysinternals do not require installation.  They are stand-alone binary files that you can copy to the server local or run from a network share.  The point being these are some of my favorite tools, and they are free to download and use.

Autoruns is unique in that it will show most everything running on the system.  Download Autoruns, unzip, double click the binary file.  Click on the Services tab; from here you can disable or delete services similar to SC.exe command line.

3-AUTORUNS.pngMicrosoft Message Analyzer is an interesting replacement to the legacy Network Monitor.  If you leverage Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2 or higher supports decryption of  "Network Virtualization" - NVGRE - using encapsulation at the software layer this Microsoft Message Analyzer decodes NVGRE packet format.

Read more about NVGRE - Hyper-V Network Virtualization:
Hyper-V Network Virtualization Technical Details
Hyper-V Network Virtualization Gateway Architectural Guide

This newest version is not limited to network packet capture as shown here; 
  1. Live Trace (Network)
  2. Files
  3. Azure Table
  4. Event Logs
  5. Powershell
  6. SQL
message-analyzer.pngLeverage the VMware Optimization Tool for golden image assessment.   To learn more, download the Windows 7 Optimization Guide free of charge - here.   Check the box "I have read and agree....", download, unzip, double click binary file. 

vmwareoptimizationtool.pngThe tool supports multiple Microsoft Operating systems.  Click on "Template Name" pull-down, choose the operating system and click the "Analyze" button.

optimizetoolanalyze.pngThe Citrix Receiver Clean-Up Utility simplifies the removal of legacy clients creating a "clean slate" to install the latest Receiver client.  Citrix is a client-server design and "Receiver" closely corresponds to the version of XenApp or XenDesktop release.  Every infrastructure upgrade requires a newer client version to make use of enhancements.

The tool is automated, no installation, and free.  Download the file, unzip, double click;

Powershell Plus

2016-02-23_7-35-26.pngHere is the GUI Interface. Idera offers a free script repository: Free Script Repository
2016-02-23_7-33-39.pngIdera Capacity Check
GUI Interface.  Great tool for quick capacity check of servers.  A lot of issues explained by low disk space and lack of "Capacity Planning"


The tools work with all versions of Citrix from Presentation Server to present versions.  For XenApp 6.5 environments, take a look at the Powershell SDK for 6.5.  A free set of Powershell modules for XenApp 6.5

Don't forget Idera Powershell Plus free tool: Download

There are many "free" tools available on the Internet but few great tools.  My list of "most valuable free tools (MVFT)" are impressive.  Free to download and free to learn.  

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Brian MurphySenior Information Technology Consultant
Holistic technology infrastructure strategy, design, engineering and implementation that is highly scalable, secure, optimized, automated

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