Proper Driver Installation Order for Microsoft Windows

In its Critical Driver Installation Order document, Intel stresses that this sequence be followed:
1       Fresh Operating System Installation
2       Latest Service Pack or Patch
3       IntelĀ® Chipset Software Installation Utility (INF Utility)
4       All other device drivers

This order is more specific:

Pre-Install - Motherboard BIOS - Flash Update
1 - OS - Operating System including drivers for: RAID, SCSI or non-integrated drive controllers
2 - Operating System - Update Packs
3 - Motherboard - Chipset Drivers
4 - Operating System - Multimedia APIs
5 - Final Motherboard Drivers
6 - Video
7 - Sound
8 - LAN Adapters
9 - Modem
10 - Drivers for any other devices not listed above.
Also, make sure you install Java J2SE (J2RE) by Sun Microsystems which will add Java support to your Web Browsers. You can find it here:

Comments (1)

I dissagree

in step 3. get the lan working as you cannot do windows update without that and that is more important these days due to the spam and virus's that affect machines as soon as they go on the internet

Also getting the lan working means you can google search for the correct driver

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