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Why 99% of People Fail to Make Money Online

Do you know why most people fail to make money online?  Is it because they don't have money to start off with? Is it because they look to get rich quick?  Or is it because they don't have a good mentor?  Actually, it is none of those things.

The reason 99.9% of people fail to make money online is simply because they don't take action.  Seriously, action  -- starting and then doing -- is the key.

There are literally thousands of guides out there to help you make money, although most of the people selling them only make money by teaching you how to do it.  I think it's safe to say there are two types of people that fail to make money online:

     1) Those that don't believe the have the ability or skills necessary to do it, so they don't even try
     2) Those that know exactly what to do, but they just never do anything about it

Making money online really isn't that difficult.  It just requires some knowledge, a bit of effort and a lot of perseverance.  Not too long ago, I set up a brand new website in 4 hours, and in the same month it made over $1,000.  This is not my best website by any stretch, but it just goes to show that once you have a solid grasp of this business, the dollars are not hard to find.

Just in case you fall into category #1 above, or even if you're in category #1 and need a new direction, I've decided to outline a simple formula to help you make your first dollars online.

1. Find a Niche You are Passionate About

I know everybody says this, but there's a good reason for that... It works. Unless you plan on doing PPC to Landing page work for specific network offers, then it's a good idea to take some time to work out what it is that you love.  What do you do already that you would love to get paid for?

What clubs do you take part in outside of work?  What are your favourite topics in school or college?  If you rack your brain for a few minutes, you should be able to think of a few industries that interest you.  It's a great feeling when you start making some money online, but it's even better when you're providing value around something you love, and being rewarded for it.

2. Decide Which Way You Want Make Money

I'm probably underestimating when I say there are hundreds of ways to make money online.  There are far too many to list here anyways.  Once you know what it is you are passionate about, it's good to decide how you want to make money.

Some options from the top of my head include:

Creating an eBook relating to your passions that helps solve a need
Starting a blog on the subject and writing unique, quality articles
Building forums so that other people can discuss the topic
Creating an information site that attempts to earn money with contextual ads
There are many more, but these are some of the most common options online. Once you know what type of site / product you want to build, it won't take much searching for you to find out how.

3. Set out a Plan of Action

If you want to create an eBook, then there are various elements that you need to put together.  For a start, you need to study the market to find out what people are missing in your niche.  It may be possible that people are just not interested in an eBook about your topic, or it may be that there is a huge gap in the market.  Either way, it's your job to find out.

If you did find out that there was interest, then you would need to get an eBook cover sorted, register a domain, build your landing page and set-up some form of payment processing.  Some of this may sound difficult, but it's all easily achievable.  Set out a plan of action of exactly what you need to do, and then...

4. Take Action

That's it.  This is why most people fail to make money online, they simply don't do anything with their knowledge.  Most importantly:  Be aware that you don't need to have everything perfectly in place just to start making a go of things.  You'll actually find that most of your learning comes from doing.

Trust me, I know from experience.

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