Changing Google Search in Safari 4.0, for more Search Engine options

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If you have ever wondered how to change the search engine in Safari v4.0 to a different search engine, it is not that easy.

In fact you need some good programming skills to actually know how to modify the only search engine in Safari, Google, in order to use another search engine of your choice.

That WAS the case.

That is, until a unique plug-in called Inquisitor created by Mac software developer David Watanabe, was made to simplify the Mac user's ability to switch search engines, from Google, to any search engine of his or her own choosing.



Some of the key features of Inquisitor are:
• Ability to chose other Google and Yahoo! worldwide search engines
• Customizable settings, such as auto-completion of a word or phrases when typed in the  
  Safari search box.
• Instant website results first, then suggestions second (or vise-versa)
• Enabling a search history
 • Creating your own list of favorite search engines to chose from at any time (definitely not
   a standard feature on Safari 4- without the Inquisitor plug-in)


Download Inquisitor for Safari
If you are in a rush to download and try Inquisitor for Safari for Mac OS X today, here is the download link below.
(Please Note: Mac OS X Snow Leopard is not supported for this plug-in as of current.)

                            Download Inquisitor


Setting up Inquisitor
Also, to take full advantage of this great search engine plug-in for Safari v4.0,
I have a detailed step-by-step process for installing and setting up Inquisitor for Safari (*) via this link below:

 Installing and Setting up Inquisitor in Safari 4 (Mac OS X)


(*) This plug-in is also available for download and installing into Firefox, Internet Explorer and also for the iPhone as a free down-loadable application from the iTunes Store.

So try this little plug-in for yourself and finally enjoy the benefits of multiple search engines in Safari v4.0 for Mac today!



  Inquisitor for Mac
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