Bitdefender 2010 & Microsoft Windows 7 64bit

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Mohammed Hamada
I am a senior IT consultant for Azure, Telecom, Messaging and collaboration and Infra. I have been in the IT sector since 15 years.
Yesterday 4PM GMT Time, an update was published by Bitdefender and as most of who are using this product I automatically received the update while I was working on my Laptop...

I had Utorrent running in the background and was downloading some random PDF files, Once the file was downloaded I launched the PDF and upon launching Bitdefender came with alert that Acrobat execution file is a virus and was quarantined!!! Right away after that I started full system scan and the weird thing that I noticed that almost 90% of the files that were scanned have been detected as a virus (TROJAN.FAKEALERT.5)..

I started googling the issue as I never heard of this virus and though there could be a workaround instead of running the usual tools we use for detecting Malware/spyware ..etc

By chance noticed a new thread in Bitdefender forum with the same alert in subject, Started reading the thread and the weird thing is there were around 900 people are on the same of each page that I move to while reading!!! I assumed there was thousands of people who are going through the same issue.

Unfortunately lots of people were setting there antivirus to automatically delete infected files not quarantining them, and others after applying a full system scan have rebooted their system which resulted in boot failure.

Everyone that goes to that forum will absolutely notice the anger and rage of people that were passing through "yesterday" which is the time of the bad update.

After seeing this forum, the first thing I did was disabling real time antivirus scanner!!! Backed up files to different computer just in case windows system files were lost!!

Few hours from following up with the forum and the techs of Bitdefender they published new update which fixed the problem.
For those who already lost their files and got their system damaged, I would recommend that you don't format your computer and/or reinstalling new Operating system.

Just try to get any recovery Software e.g. (OnTrack) software which is very good in restoring and recovering files.

The patch has been already released by Bitdefender and they announced their apologies on twitter, Facebook and their official website for their Users, Unfortunately for them they lost lots of users who decided to move to different antivirus software.

I've been using bitdefender for almost a year and it's really a good product, I tried several methods of hacking and checked open ports on my system and the only product was successful in protecting and securely prevent all the attacks among the softwares I tried was bitdefender.

To follow up with the issue on the official forum for Bitderfender, please click on the following link.


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