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After workin in a plethora of programming languages like C, Pro*C, ESQL/C, C++, VC++, VB, Java, HTML,JavaScipt etc, technologies and frameworks like JSP, Servlets, Struts, Spring, IBatis etc and databases like MS Access, SQLServer, Informix, Ingres, MySQL, Oracle etc during my 7 years of software development, I met Intersystems Cache platform.


The following is my  perspective, who have only a few months of experience in this technology.
Hope that this article will give some insight on what Intersystems Cache is about.

More Information

Obviously you can find lot of nice videos, articles and more from

You can find some details about MUMPS or M-Language in

First Impression

My initial approach towards this language was not so good, as I started with coding in MUMPS without knowing much of it. The horrible feeling you get after working on J2EE stack and coding in M-Language cannot be explained in words. The IDE with very minimal functionality spoilt my happiness.

Current Cognizance

As I managed to understand the syntax and started doing some cool stuff, which might have taken a lot of time to get done using the conventional J2EE stack, I began loving it. I never expected that using a language primitive as C can do low level I/O till AJAX and web-services. Courtesy to the @net manger framework from a company called Intraprend. Even though the instruction set is small, lot of permutations and combinations of it can get you amazing results.

In M Language, accessing database is just like accessing a variable. Making a Web UI is just like spitting out HTML. All this in lightning speed. All together, I started loving it.

Now I started thinking whether we need these many levels of abstraction in the OO world, which eats up lot of processing time and resources. I've yet to explore the full stack, but my initial feel is good.

Read some caveats about transaction management, which I need to explore more.

Hope to meet more users using the same Technology stack. If you agree/disagree with any of the topics mentioned above, please add comments.
Varghese JacobAssistant Project Manager

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