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Live takes Q&A to the next level, providing instant access to technology experts for those who need it. Follow these tips to make it easy for people to connect with you to receive help and to earn money online for helping others.
Whether you currently participate on Experts Exchange as an expert or are fresh to the site, Live is a great way to help others and be compensated for the knowledge you provide them with.

Live was created to take Q&A to the next level, allowing those who need help (clients) to connect with those that can give it (consultants) – all in real-time.

As is the nature of most freelance work, clients comes to Live with a problem and select who they want to work with, meaning that as the consultant, you are in competition with others to be chosen for a conversation. To ensure that you are putting your best foot forward, here are a few ways to stand out from crowd:

Set Yourself as Available (Literally and Figuratively)

The first thing you need to do to stand out on Live is ensure that potential clients can see you’re available to connect with. It might seem simple, but it’s easy to forget to log yourself in and select “available” as your current state.

It’s also helpful to set specific times for yourself to be at your computer and available on Live. Next to your available status, you’ll find a speaker icon which allows you to turn on/off sound notifications for incoming requests, so you never miss a potential client.

If you’re showing as available and someone invites you to help them, you’ll want to make sure you are there to respond promptly and potentially earn some cash. Block off time on your calendar and you could end up with extra money in your pocket.

Select Your Areas of Expertise

This step is incredibly important, as it’s the #1 way that potential clients find your profile and request your help.

When clients come to Live, they drill down using topics to find the help the need. Consultants who have relevant topics listed in their profile will show up in the search results. Therefore, it’s worth the time to highlight your areas of expertise in your profile to ensure your name comes up when people search for help.

The more you add to your profile, the better chance you have of getting help requests on Live.

Fill Out Your Profile

Think of your Experts Exchange profile as your online resume. It’s the ultimate place to show off what you know and how well you know it. This is where potential clients will be looking to decide if you’re someone they want to connect with. Take the time to share your experience, include outside certifications, and even highlight some of your past work.

Upload a friendly avatar image to help clients feel like they are in trusted hands, and do what you can to make your profile the go-to place to showcase yourself. Your wallet will thank you for it!

Gain Site Certifications

While your profile is the best way to highlight your skills, the more you engage on Experts Exchange by participating in Q&A and uploading articles/videos, the more robust your “resume” will become.

As you gain points, you earn ranks, aka achievements, which further prove your skills to clients searching on Live. Potential clients will be able to see your knowledge in action with those ranks and viewing solutions you’ve provided to other users, thus giving them another reason to select you over the competition.

By following these tips, your success with Live can be exponential. It’s all about showcasing your best self.
Experts ExchangeTake hold of your future.
We solve the world's technology problems through collaboration and learning.

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