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Live is the evolution of Q&A. Get your technology problems solved instantly by connecting with technology experts instantly. Pair programming has never been easier.
Live is the evolution of Q&A, allowing those who need their technology problem solved to connect instantly with someone who can help.

Pay for time just like you would pay a technician. But with Live, you do it with a few clicks of a mouse and an online conversation with an experienced consultant. If you have a problem and want to connect with someone who can help, there are a few ways you can get the most out of your time on Live:

Use the Free 5 Minutes to Vet Your Prospects

Live was built to ensure that you, as the client, have enough time to select the best person for your project. Therefore, the first five minutes of your conversation is always free. Just like when you are hiring a freelancer, you want to be sure this person is the right fit to give you the help you need.

Take these five minutes to get to know the consultant; ask about their experiences and expertise, and ultimately make sure they are someone you want to pay to work with.

Are there any language barriers? Do they have experience working on similar types of issues? Have they worked with the system you are on? These are all questions you should be thinking about before you start your paid time.

Provide a Clear Description of Your Problem and What You Need

Once you’ve selected the right consultant, take the time to properly explain the details of the problem you need solved. As with Q&A, it’s important to provide as many details as possible to help speed things along.

What have you already tried that didn’t work? What operating system are you running? What version is your software? What is your desired outcome? These types of details give the consultant the tools they need to help you get things back on track.

You should also ensure that you are being specific about your needs and goals. Being clear about this from the beginning will provide the consultant with a solid foundation to work from, and ultimately, increase your odds of having your issue solved promptly.

Use the Whiteboard to Ensure the Problem is Seen

Often, important pieces of information are better shown, not told. That’s why Live has a shared whiteboard where you can paste relevant code snippets to show what you might not be able to type clearly. The consultant can use that information to further dig into your issue and help solve it for you.

It’s always best practice to have access to the code involved while using Live. This allows you to provide it to the consultant quickly as needed. If you don’t have access to the full code, have screenshot tool handy to give the consultant better insight into what you’re looking at. An image is worth 1,000 words, and might be the key to solving your problem.

Get Started

Live gives you the chance to connect in real-time with experts from around the world who can solve your tough issues, however, those issues aren’t magically solved by initiating a conversation. Make the most out of everyone’s time by following the tips above, and you’ll see greater return on your investment as a result. 
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