By pass Windows Vista and Windows 7 Admin password

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If you Lost your Administrator password for Windows XP, Vista, or 7 this CD will help you reset the password to blank so you can log in. Once in you should change that blank password to something!!

Download the ISO on this page
You can also download this from but it will send you to mirrors that will charge you.. this site may be a bit slow for download but its free and the instructions below pertain to this specific Install. The other installs will do the same thing but steps may vary.

Burn it as an image on to a cd
1) Boot with it
2) Left Click and choose Aterm Root (This will open a terminal Window)
Type these commands inside the terminal window
3) cat  /etc/fstab
Step 3 Shows you drives that Knoppoix has recognized pick the one with Windows Directory(This one usually has hda# # can be any number)

Mount (Im assuming hda1 is where Windows is installed)
4) Mount -o rw /dev/hda1  /mnt/hda1

Go to Config folder from root
5) cd /mnt/hda1/Windows/System32/config

Now the fun stuff
6)chntpw -h   (This is just to show you a help Menu)

7)chntpw  -l sam System Security
The Security Accounts Manager (SAM) is a database stored as a registry file in Windows NT, Windows 2000, and later versions of Windows. It stores users' passwords in a hashed format (in LM hash and NTLM hash). Since a hash function is one-way, this provides some measure of security for the storage of the passwords.

At the bottom you will see the users in file
8)chntpw -u Administrator sam system security

when asked
Do you really wish to disable SYSKEY? (y/n) [n]
type N then enter
SYSKEY keeps your password Encrypted that fine you dont want to disable this

then you will asked:
Please enter new password: *
** Note a blank password is best thing to do Change password once your back in Windows

Then you should get this prompt  
Do you really wish to change it? (y/n) [n] y
type Y then enter

When you get this prompt:
Write hive files? (y/n) [n] : y
type Y enter
A hive is a logical group of keys, subkeys, and values in the registry that has a set of supporting files containing user information
by choosing Y you are accepting changes to the user password

right click on Screen choose reboot and your good to go

I tested this myself works like a charm!!
Leo TorresSQL Developer

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Leo TorresSQL Developer


So its the content of the article itself that has disqualified my article
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There are a lot of cases that admins lose of forget admins passwords, there are several post on the site about lost windows password at this very site, so why should my article held back if its a service that many people need..
Leo TorresSQL Developer


Ok that what I wanted to know I don't want to fix and article that wont be allowed because of its content. Because it wont matter how well its written tank you for your time and patience.. I will work on improving my article as a whole thank..

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