How to Set Up a Real Name on Amazon.com

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Want to improve the strength and reputation of your reviews on Amazon.com? Set up a Real Name attribution.  Here’s how Amazon.com describes their Real Name attribution program:

A Real Name attribution is a signature based on the name entered by the author as the cardholder name on his or her credit card, i.e. the author represents this name as his/her identity in the "real world."

(It) establishes credibility much as reputations built over time in the Amazon.com community… Real Name attribution is just one input into a function that much more strongly weights "helpful" votes when votes are available.
Here’s how to sign up for a Real Name attribution.

If you don’t already have an Amazon.com account, sign up for one by clicking “Start here” at the top of the Amazon.com home page. Add a credit card to your account.

Once you have a registered account with a credit card, it’s time to set up your profile.

Click “Your Account” in the top right-hand corner while you are logged in.

Scroll to the bottom box labeled “Personalization” and click “Your Public Profile” under Community.
Click the “Create Profile” button. Add personal details like location and your webpage, a photo if you wish, but it is not necessary for your Real Name post. You may add a photo if you like, though it is not necessary.
Once you have finished setting up your profile you will be redirected to your public profile page. Click “Edit Profile” in the upper right-hand corner. Then click “edit name” under your photo. Here is where you can actually set up a Real Name attribution.

Click “Provide your Real Name and receive a Real Name badge.” Then click “Select a Real Name attribution” to choose a Real Name option based upon your credit card. You may also enter a personalized signature line or your location if you wish.

(Please note: while previous reviews you’ve written will be changed to your Real Name, anonymous reviews will stay anonymous).

That's it! Now you're ready to begin reviewing with your Real Name.

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