The Benefits of Having a Business Blog

Oscar WaterworthSenior Editor
Oscar is a writer and a senior editor over at He enjoys reading and writing about marketing, technology, and business.
Read about how to approach blogging and about ways to do it right. Stand out from the crowd and let your knowledge be consumed by a large audience. This article aims to explain how your blog should look like,  the most important things to do while building it, and how to connect with other experts.
So, you have registered your company and put up a website. The main reason for that is that you want to gain visibility in an oversaturated market filled with competition. Still, nothing is happening -- no one ever contacts you, your product remains unsold and people generally do not know about your brand.
Why is this so?
The problem lies in your marketing strategy and online activity, credibility, and influence. This is why your company needs a resource page or a blog, something that will approximate your product to the contemporary markets and connect you with the right professionals in the industry and clients alike.

Your Website Will Gain Traffic

The Internet is all about heavy traffic. What this means is that you want your website to have plenty of visits. You want it as busy as Wall Street. This is no easy task.

Once you have set up your site it would be wise to add a news/blog/resources section to it. In this section, you should add written and graphic content that is relevant to your brand or line of business. The content can be of various kinds -- industry news or news about your product or company. It can be in the form of well-researched blog posts that provide useful information regarding your business’ niche. What has proved to be the most effective, however, is producing graphic content such as this beautiful Infographic by FourDots on creating content that engages.

Our attention span is getting shorter by the day and what is more -- we have become spoiled. We like recycled material, straight to the point, explained in simple terms. Having such content regularly added and updated will definitely drive some traffic to your website, but relying just on that will not be enough. To stand out among the crowd you will have to start linking out.

You Will Achieve a Higher Google Ranking

Your blog is not worth much if it is not visible to the search engine. To be more precise, once your site is crawled through by Google spider-bots, it actually IS visible but that does not mean it is necessarily relevant. So what should one do?

Keyword optimization of your blog posts is of utmost importance if you want to rank well on Google. It would be best to pay attention to word choice while still in the process of writing. I like to use applications such as TagCrowd in which I copy/paste the whole thing, and it tells me exactly which words are repeated the most.

For example, if you are selling a productivity app and you want to write a blog post about the Internet of Things and smartwatches, you should do extensive research regarding similar content on the internet. You want to place your post somewhere among the most searched for articles of such kind, but you do not want to have a similar article to a one that already exists online. So you will want to find a space just for you and your productivity app. I would research the most shared content, find its flaws and improve upon the concept. Then I would analyze my keyword density within the post and make “productivity app” in the neighborhood with “IoT” and “smartwatch”.

Do not over-optimize your post with the target keyword. Think of yourself as a reader and a customer. What would you like to read? Start from that notion and then adjust the post so it becomes congruent with Google’s anti-keyword stuffing politic. This way you are a start in Google’s eyes and the algorithm will rank your content higher than thousands of those that did not pay attention.

You can Become an Industry Leader

By following some basic rules for running a company website, you can soon be a thought leader in your field. Your peers, colleagues, employees, and customers will all benefit from the useful information that you provide about your company or product.

Well-researched articles are a rarity in today’s spammy online business world. This is why any piece of quality content is treasured like a jewel. Think of your publications as something that will be relevant for the years to come.

When you’ve created such an impact with all the useful information, new opportunities will start to arise. Business owners will offer collaboration and the most informed clients will now buy your product with eagerness. You will become one of the industry leaders, with all the major sites reposting your content. Google will love you even more because you are retaining both employers and consumers within the search engine. It’s basically a win-win-win scenario.

You Will Connect With Both Professionals and Customers

While I have tried to pinpoint the most important aspects of starting a business blog, there are many more valuable pieces of advice that you can pick up from various different sites. My favorite new resource is the blog run by Four Dots -- an SEO consulting company. They teach me about digital marketing and I write about it in my free time. In this way, they will notice that I am referencing them and possibly give me a shout-out. This will give my Internet presence a strong boost.

The same goes with customers. If your customers notice that you are providing them with an excellent user experience, they will immediately be more likely to buy your product. Being impersonal is reserved for huge brands, but even Coca-Cola started out as directly marketing to people. Be honest, work on the quality of your product and service and notice how your business grows in no time.

You Will Grow

Read, write, learn, explore- repeat. Always work on your skills. Repetition is a great device for learning and after a short time of producing content, you will eventually become a master at it. When you become a master, there’s no stopping the force that is a quality production.
Oscar WaterworthSenior Editor
Oscar is a writer and a senior editor over at He enjoys reading and writing about marketing, technology, and business.

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