5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Oscar WaterworthSenior Editor
Oscar is a writer and a senior editor over at Bizzmarkblog.com. He enjoys reading and writing about marketing, technology, and business.
Learn about cloud computing and its benefits for small business owners.
Only those who own a business can understand how hard it sometimes gets to break through a rough patch or to compete with other, more-grossing companies that keep taking your customers. Being a small business owner means you have to make many important decisions and one of them is whether you will use the benefits of cloud computing or not. If you had decided to use this kind of a service, you have made one of the best decisions for your business' benefit. Here are the 5 reasons why cloud computing is so beneficial for your business.

1. Enhanced Productivity

By storing your files and data on a cloud storage such as OneDrive made by Microsoft, you will keep your business data available anywhere, to anyone with given access. This availability will increase productivity and efficiency of your employees. They will no longer be deprived of having access to that crucial document whenever needed. With a few clicks and the usage of the latest search technology, they will be able to easily access stored content even when they do not know the real file name.

2. Smooth Collaboration

Cloud computing has gained popularity in the past few years, especially when it comes to companies and businesses with a remote workforce. Namely, the main reason behind the hype is the somewhat newly created ability to schedule conference calls, meetings and share documents with each other from all over the globe, via the internet.

Cloud-based web apps (such as Basecamp, for example) also feature shared calendar task lists. Others enable employees to collaborate on projects by using voice communication and when needed, video calls (Skype). Some cloud infrastructure programs give  you the ability to include customers and vendors in these meeting rooms as well. It all starts with shared information and a fast access by everyone signed in. It all leads to business success through productive and efficient collaboration.

3. Automatic Data Sync

Just how many times have you lost your work due to a sudden loss of electricity or system crash? Hours and hours of work can be gone just like that.  Needless to say, this is the last thing you would want to happen to your own business. By using a cloud-based app such as Google Docs when working on a project or editing a file, it automatically syncs any changes across all devices and updates the document you are working on so that everyone can see the latest version and have a one-click access.

It often happens that good use of technology is what makes a successful business. Cloud systems are online 24/7 and kept on private servers, beyond anyone else’s reach. Keeping your data in the cloud is much safer than keeping it on your hard drive or your own servers. All the fresh cloud technology companies have the best safeguards protecting their storage servers. There is little to none chance of cyber-attacks or loss of someone’s important business information.

4. Growth

No longer will you have to worry about your hard drives running out of storage space, or your entire computer running slower because of its immensity. By having it in the cloud, your storage space will only continue to grow. Every time you reach your maximum storage capacity and are in need of more, another server can be set up and your new data can immediately be stored on it. That is how cloud storages work and it is brilliant. You will not have to worry about storage space ever again. What is more, giving new employees access to relevant files is easier than ever: no installing, no downloading or updating, simply add them to the cloud and give them access to your data.

5. Aggregation of Ideas   

If you are among those who have the best ideas at random or in weird moments, do not let them get away that easily. Simply use your cell phone and with the help of Microsoft’s OneNote memorize and store them. You can also save web pages for later reading, save photos, videos, and other useful pieces of content. Since it is all within the cloud infrastructure, you can easily share the aggregated content with your co-workers, business partners, employees, or even customers.

Cloud computing has brought together a revolution in the world of business. It will be the main propeller behind the success of many companies. The flexibility it offers is just incredible and not only it is economically better, but it is also more reliable and interactive than ever. If you happen to be a small business owner, it is about time you start devoting your attention to cloud computing.
Oscar WaterworthSenior Editor
Oscar is a writer and a senior editor over at Bizzmarkblog.com. He enjoys reading and writing about marketing, technology, and business.

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Nicely explained...Cloud computing provides many features such as device independence, ease of use, Multi-user accessibility, that help business to be more efficient in their operations. Though these enticing features are that small businesses specially adore, if you have not switched to cloud yet you must be aware of these mistakes that many businesses do while switching to cloud: http://www.acecloudhosting.com/blog/3947_avoid-mistakes-when-moving-to-cloud/
Hope this might help. Again, Thanks for such a worthwhile read.
I really liked this article because I have very small business in Virginia Beach and I was always curious to know about this cloud technology. I am still running on old system and would like to upgrade it for the entire office and members so my work can be more efficiently and in synchronized way. My business is not online but i love to read about it these days and I am also in a communication with few strategy consulting firms like http://introviz.com/ and strategycio and they say moving to cloud would be the best option but how to know their how good their cloud support is? Should i completely rely on what they say? Please suggest
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Great post I must say! Hosting a website on cloud gives several benefits to small business owners. Though, choosing cloud hosting depends on personal choice and of course on the website needs. If we look from money perspective, then cloud tends to be cheaper. I have two websites. One i have hosted on cloud server of Everdata https://www.everdata.com/ and another one is affiliate website from Everdata Partner Program https://partner.everdata.com/. After using cloud server, I can say that cloud server provides fast-flexible scalability and pay as you go service, which is more convenient.

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