The Case of a Missing Mobile Phone

The case of the missing phone talks about the way a small electronic gadget (the mobile phone) has penetrated into our lives and has made us addicted to it.
In today’s time, the one object found in every man’s pocket, every woman’s purse and by and large across all age groups may not be a wallet or cash but surprisingly a mobile phone!
This is the extent to which we have let technology penetrate into our lives. Think of activities from the very start of our day, where most of us cannot get out of our beds unless we hear the stubborn alarm clock, to the end of the day where peace is only after having watched the television. Mobile phones have reduced the importance of these gadgets by enabling all the activities that can be done by gadgets, all by itself. Starting from the buzz of an alarm clock to watching movies and television shows, everything can be done by one single gadget -- the mobile phone.
Since the subject of this essay is the mobile phone, I shall confirm to everything having to do with telecommunication and the salient subject of the “Case of the Missing Mobile Phone”.
Alexander Graham Bell, popularly credited as the man who invented the telephone, was originally a teacher at a school for the deaf in England. Though he invented this device to transmit human voice through electromagnetic waves, he never really kept one at his work place as he strongly believed it would distract him from his scientific research studies! More than this the inventor of the telephone simply described himself as the ‘Teacher of the Deaf’.
Race across time to 2016, and the scenario is the opposite. No workplace can be imagined without the telephone today. An entire office can run on a five-inch screen in one’s palm! We no longer are slaves to distances; every distance, long or short, is covered with the magic of technology.

Little did Mr. Bell imagine that his invention would go on to be one that would go through immense evolution and modernization with time and science. With such a dependency on technology and on the smart device called the mobile phone, it is difficult to imagine existence in the absence of one.
Our mobile phones have made the world a smaller space. Mobile phones have made work easy for humans. There is hardly need to actually travel places carry out your work. From money transactions to purchases, from looking a home to buying a pet, everything has become possible on the screen of our intelligent smart phones.
The whole world is almost available on our palm. But what happens when these smart phones of ours play the game hide and seek? It leaves us in a fix when we just cannot find our phones. The whole world crashes for most of us who have the world configured on our phones. These situations leave us desperate but the good news is we no longer need to be helpers.

In the eventuality where the phone is on silent and you just cannot find it, there is a way out to track your phone with all available resources in hand.
Yes, it is indeed possible to find a missing phone at home that is both deaf to your loud concerns and mute to your loud thinking. Following are the steps to trace your phone when it is on silent mode:
  1. Open Google Play in your desktop browser
  2. Go to Android Device Manager.
  3. Login with the same Gmail account you used to activate your phone.
  4. Select ‘Ring’
Your Android will respond with its configured ringtone and you can trace your phone that is playing the nasty game Hide and Seek when you need it urgently.
If only Mr. Bell lived to see this curious case of the missing Mobile Phone, he would be both amazed and proud of the patent to his name.

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