If your Bitmoji isn’t a part of your everyday life… It should be. – A brief introduction to Bitmoji

Let Bitmoji into your life. Now is the time to learn a new language of smartphone messaging with this brief introduction.
If you haven’t been following the most recent trends of mobile messaging, you might be wondering what a “Bitmoji” actually is. Well, I’m here to tell you that a Bitmoji is more than just texting cartoons, but can actually add life to your messages. As useful as a Bitmoji can be, there are common pitfalls for first-time users. As a result, I’ll walk through the Bitmoji process and explain some ways to avoid common errors.

Background: Initially, cartoon emojis were exciting because they expressed an emotion in a small icon. Bitmoji takes these emojis to the next level of messaging and personalization! Essentially, Bitmoji images add a new toolkit to interactive texting. 
Picture3.pngHow it works: You create a characterized version of yourself. This ranges from creating the shape of your eyebrows to creating the types of shoes that you typically wear. In the end, you create a persona that resembles you. Afterward, you can send small photos with different themed messages ranging from "I love you" to "safe travels" to "you suck" … The possibilities are endless!
1. Download the "Bitmoji" app. 
Play Store
iOS: App Store
Bitmoji.png2. Sign-up for an account using any popular social media tool.

3. Design your "Avatar"  
This could take anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. If you want to experiment with different options, they include but are not limited to:Picture4.pngFace shape
  • Eyebrows
  • Face lines
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Hair style
  • Eye shape and size
  • Body size
  • Clothing outfit

4. Install
Settings app > Language and input > Current Keyboard > Choose Keyboards > Bitmoji Keyboard 
Go to iOS Settings > General > Keyboard and enable the app on your keyboard settings.
5. Selection
Click the keyboard icon in the bottom right of the screen and select "Bitmoji Keyboard."
Select the globe on the keyboard twice and it will take you to the Bitmoji dashboard.
6. Communicate
You then have many options of Bitmojis to share with friends and communicate to people including the following categories:
  • Luv Ya
  • Yay
  • Hi
  • Bye
  • Birthdays
  • Quick Replies
  • Yes
  • Waaah
  • Grrr
  • You Stink
  • Funny
  • LOL
  • You Rock
  • Thanks
  • Wow
  • Travel
  • Emoji 
  • Food
Picture5.png7. Enjoy!
Finally, friends, family, and bystanders alike will be impressed with your Bitmoji! That said, welcome to the future of messaging and don’t look back… It's time to have some fun!

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