10 Creative Careers In Dire Need of NAS

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From individual freelancers to a staff of full-timers, creative professionals are continually creating new content for clients.
Managing that content can be demanding. Not only does it take up a lot of memory, but there are times when it needs to be available at a moment’s notice—even when you’re away from the office. It’s also critical to keep content safe from hardware failure.
Network-attached storage (NAS) systems, like the My Cloud EX4100, resolve these challenges and more for creative professionals. NAS is a digital file storage device that connects to your Ethernet port on a Wi-Fi router or network so that multiple computers and mobile devices on that network can easily access, share and stream photos, videos, music and other important files from anywhere with an internet connection.

10 Creative Professionals Who Can Benefit from a Powerful NAS


The archives of veteran photographers can easily contain several hundred thousand images. Let’s say you’re a sports photographer, for instance, and you shoot more than 2,500 pictures totaling nearly 70GB of data at a college football game. After shooting multiple events at each level of play, that data really adds up! With NAS, you can centralize all that work in one place and organize it for quick access whenever you need it.

Suggested Products for Photographers:

Architects and Engineers
It isn't very often that you will find an architect or engineer working as a lone wolf. Commonly, they run together as a pack of slide rule-toting wolves, individually designing elements of a larger project. While the individual team members plug away at their own workstations, the project's files need to be centrally located. With a NAS system, each member of the team is able to access files simultaneously.
Suggested Products for Architects and Engineers:

Graphic Artists
Freelance graphic artists and designers typically have several clients on their belts. It is essential to have a means of delivering final products to both returning and new customers. Files are usually too large for email. Third-party websites can be insecure. With an FTP server in your NAS system, graphic artists can easily deliver large files safely. Each client has personal permissions, allowing them to see only their finished projects.
Suggested Products for Graphic Artists:

Video Producers and Editors
In the new world of 4K-video formats, video producers and editors create some of the largest files known. Video libraries can contain several hundred gigabytes of clips for just one 30-second commercial spot. As a production business grows, the storage system will need to expand, too. You can increase capacity by adding another NAS to your network.
Suggested Products for Video Producers and Editors:

Game Designers
The RAID capabilities in a NAS system allow for quick data recovery even with a hard drive failure. Another best practice that game designers use to prevent release delays is redundancy. Many follow the 3-2-1 back up rule: three different copies, two different formats, and one version off-site. This prevents most scenarios of complete data loss, aside from an apocalyptic event.
Suggested Products for Game Designers:

Audio Engineers
Audio engineers need to be able to easily organize every single one of their digital recordings—everything from samples to completed scores. If you are an audio engineer, NAS will empower you to quickly access, share and stream your digital recordings from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Suggested Products for Audio Engineers:

Web Designers
In order for a web design business to separate itself from the competition, it’s important to have a wide variety of products and services available. Hosting websites locally on a NAS system empowers web designers to better maintain the content and add any new updates as needed.
Suggested Products for Web Designers:

Software Developers
To prevent data hacks, security plays an integral role in any development project. A great defense for software developers is an upper-level NAS system with strong data encryption that can be set up in an isolated network to prevent unauthorized access.
Suggested Products for Software Developers:

Interior Designers
Interior designers are constantly working in the field, turning work and living spaces into works of art. The ability to quickly access files remotely to present fun and cool design ideas at a client’s office is practically a necessity. NAS and an Internet connection make showing stored CAD files from the field easy.
Suggested Products for Interior Designers:

Extreme Athletes
From jumping off a mountain to posting a video of it online, extreme athletes are all about speed. NAS has the features extreme athletes need to maintain this high velocity. They can upload videos of their adventures immediately—remotely from the field—directly to their searchable, self-hosted websites.
Suggested Products for Extreme Athletes:
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