How to Save and Share Photos and Videos From Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding is a big day and a big deal. Whether you have ten guests or 350, it’s highly probable that you and your sweetie will be posing for a lot of pictures and videos. By the end of it, your faces might even hurt from smiling so much!
After it’s all over, it’s exciting to relive your special day by going through all the professional photographs and videos, as well as snapshots from family and friends. After you pick out your favorites—and trust us, you’ll have LOTS of favorites—you face a big challenge.
How do you share all those awesome wedding photos and videos with family and friends?
With personal cloud storage drives, like My Cloud and My Cloud Mirror, you can gather all of your wedding photos and videos in one place using either mycloud.com or the My Cloud app. That includes photos and videos from all your devices—computers, tablets and smartphones—plus, any from your photo-happy family and friends.
Ready to share? Here’s how with a My Cloud device.
  1. Access your My Cloud device. If you’re using your computer, log in to mycloud.com. If you’re using your smartphone or tablet, you can log in to the My Cloud app.
  2. Set up a folder structure for all your wedding day photos and videos that makes sense to you.
  3. Drag and drop or copy and paste your wedding files to the folders you so strategically created.
  4. Now you’re ready to share with anyone you choose from wherever you are with an internet connection. Here’s the cool part—you have sharing options!
    • Public sharing. Anyone who gets your public link can view and download the photos and videos within the shared folder. You can send the link through email or text message and even post it on social media. Just watch all the “likes” tally up!
    • Private sharing. The perfect option for those private moments you want to keep private—like the shenanigans you and your hubby got into with your closest pals at your joined bachelor/bachelorette party. Because really, does Aunt Ethel ever need to see that craziness?
      To keep those high jinks private, only people with a MyCloud.com account who receive the private link you send via email can access the photos and videos you share. It’s super flexible, too. You can add and remove recipients, files and folders anytime.
    • Collaboration. Much like private sharing, but with additional options. When you share a single folder privately, you also give recipients the ability to add, rename, delete, upload and download files/folders. It’s great for that paparazzi pal who seems to magically always be in the right place at the right time and captures THE most unique, fun shots.

Happy sharing. And, congratulations on your marriage!
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