2 Ways to Take 1000 Vacation Photos a Day and Still Have Room on Your Phone

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Before I left on my recent vacation to float, boat and waterski on a lake in Minnesota for a week, I checked my phone to make sure there was enough room for photos of my obsession: sunsets. There wasn't. Has this ever happened to you?
Whatever you’re into, a capacity-maxed phone puts you in a high-risk position of missing or deleting treasured photos. Especially if you’re about to embark on a fantastic vacation and anticipate going picture crazy.
The Storage Challenge
Thanks to smartphones and digital cameras, you can click, click, click ‘til your heart’s content with the perfect photo. Gone are the days of dropping off film at the local photo shop and waiting with crossed fingers that one of the two or three pictures you took worked. Nowadays you can take hundreds of shots without wasting time or money. But with this luxury a totally new issue can arise. The issue is running out of storage space.
Not much is more annoying when a picture-perfect moment unfolds before your eyes and you’re confronted with the error message, “Insufficient storage available.” Good news! There’s a solution. For seven nights, I never missed a single moment of ever-changing skies reflected on a stunning glass lake as the sun went down. Why? Because I transferred all the adorable dog photos on my phone to a storage device to make room for every minute of every Minnesota sunset during my vacation.
Two Storage Solutions
You can avoid the grand frustration of not having enough space for all your photos by transferring or backing them up to a storage device before you leave. You can also do it while you’re on vacation without imposing on your relaxation and fun time. Here are two great ways:
  1. Wireless portable storage. Free up space on your smartphone and digital camera’s SD card by transferring or backing up photos to a portable storage device with Wi-Fi®, like the My Passport® Wireless Pro drive. Use WD’s My Cloud app on your smartphone to transfer or back up photos and videos directly to the drive or the cloud. Since this portable drive has a built-in SD card slot, you can offload photos and videos from your camera’s SD card. There’s also a USB 3.0 port to help transfer files from your phone or camera directly to the device.
  2. Personal cloud storage. Another way to free up space on your smartphone while on vacation, you can back up photos to your very own personal cloud. The My Clouddevice stays at home, but you can use WD’s My Cloud mobile app and set the WD Backup software to automatically back up your fun vacation pics and videos as you take them (as long as you have an internet connection). Talk about a time saver!
Before you head out on your next vacation getaway, make sure you have plenty of room for all those fantastic memories so you never miss a picture-perfect moment.
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