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Easy CSR creation Exchange 2007,2010 and 2013

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Easy CSR creation in Exchange 2007,2010 and 2013
In order to move forward with different Exchange versions an Exchange administrator requires to write command to request for certificate. This tool will help to generate the command to request for a certificate which is a UC/SAN certificate based on client requirement. This command generator is designed to help Exchange administrators to generate command to request for a certificate without typing the whole command, instead just copy and paste.

You can fill your details (e.g. Common name, SANs, Organization name etc.) and generate the command in a few clicks.
To generate the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in Exchange 2007, for obtaining a new certificate, the key details such as organization details are usually edited on a command that is obtained from the Exchange Management Shell and pasted into Notepad for editing then the new code is copied and pasted into the Management Shell after which the new CSR file is generated to the file location specified in the tool.

In the Exchange 2010 and 2013, generating the CSR file is similar to the 2007 version but after initial creating the initial file, generating the files afterwards involves running this command [Set-Content -path "C:\your_CSR_name.csr" -Value $Data] after the CSR command then the CSR is generated (to the file location specified in the tool)  which can then be submitted to CA. (Technet, 2016). After running this command you will see a certificate pending request. You will have to submit this CSR to your 3rd party CA for certificate issuing.

Today, updating your certificate services are offered online by multiple companies which allow you to submit CSR instantly therefore it is easier and quicker as they offer user friendly and easy to use interface.

You can download the tool from here. Examples are available in the tool.

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Download tool from here
Thanks for reading the article and using tool.

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