PowerPoint Still Works for Businesses. Here’s Why.

Rick EnricoCEO and Founder of SlideGenius
CEO and Founder of SlideGenius Inc. that regularly publishes articles on the SlideGenius Blog. Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Technology opened people to different means of presenting information, but PowerPoint remains to be above competition. Know why PPT still works today.
In this age of technology, software and applications are able to transform the art of presenting information. As a result, many people pose the intriguing question: Is PowerPoint bound for extinction?

Hailed as the ancestor of slide presentation, PowerPoint remains as the most sought-after presentation software in business. Professionals continue to use the program for executive seminars, boardroom meetings, and sales pitches, among many others. Actually, 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created and presented on a daily basis.

Presentation tools will come and go, but PowerPoint will remain. Below are three reasons why PowerPoint still works for businesses.

Minimalistic: It’s Simple and Easy to Use.

People with a poor grasp of technology won’t have a hard time using PowerPoint. If you’re the opposite of “tech-savvy,” then this tool is for you. Apart from its minimalistic layout, PowerPoint also allows users to paint a blank canvas through text and image insertion or animation.  

You don’t have to be Picasso to create an appealing presentation. PowerPoint’s latest version is equipped with tools that will let you personalize your presentation and tailor it according to the theme of your project. Each tab is explanatory while icons easily communicate specific functions. You can also choose from a variety of templates and color palettes; fonts are customizable as well so you won’t have a problem in that department.

However, if you would like to level up your presentation, a presentation specialist can improve your slides in a jiffy. Whatever technique you would like employ, PowerPoint has the right tools for you.

Universal: It’s Everywhere.

One of the main reasons why PowerPoint still thrives is because of the convenience it offers.  It’s literally everywhere. Anyone can access the software in a school computer, work desktop, or a mobile device. This makes it easier to get things done—share ideas, gather feedback, edit data, and finalize outputs. 

Other than convenience, PowerPoint has an auto-conversion feature that allows users to view a file even if created from a different software version. For example, if a client sends you a PPT file made in PowerPoint 2013, its auto-conversion feature will convert the file according to your software. Data wipe-outs and missed business opportunities are eliminated thanks to this feature.

Communicative: It speaks for itself.

Presentations express ideas and creativity. They are forms of art that aim to deliver a message and obtain feedback. Each piece of information it presents—text, image, or video—delivers a story that can drive a point. It speaks for itself, all thanks to you, the one who creates it.

In addition, PowerPoint has the ability to mix business, creativity, and personal expression. The tension between corporate aesthetics may long be gone due to a funny statement or a visually-appealing slide. PowerPoint breaks the ice between speaker and audience by being the medium that provides information, inspiration, and laughter.  

PowerPoint is a powerful multimedia tool that will help businesses deliver their message through captivating slides. It isn’t all about text, videos, charts, or photographs; it’s about providing information that can make clients smile and respond, which is hopefully beneficial for your business. It’s the ultimate presentation tool, and it will remain for decades, even centuries, to come. Software and applications will come and go, but PowerPoint will remain.


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Rick EnricoCEO and Founder of SlideGenius
CEO and Founder of SlideGenius Inc. that regularly publishes articles on the SlideGenius Blog. Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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