Using Cloud Cost Calculators Proves to be a Wise Decision

Mihai CorbuleacAzure/AWS consultant
IT consultant - Big fan of Cloud!
Monitoring systems evolution, cloud technology benefits and cloud cost calculators business utility.
The cloud technology and infrastructure, where everything is connected to everything has triggered a metaphoric sea wave in the IT world. Companies are using cloud technologies to meet the demands of their IT environment that involves using a heavy exchange of information all the time. The way cloud computing systems have accelerated business processes and reduced operational costs are making them popular among businesses. All around the world, companies have started realizing the full potential of this technology to enhance their business daily processes. In a world driven by modern technology, cloud systems have significantly improved the way things are operated. With easy and instant updates, unparalleled scalability, flexibility and security, cloud computing is becoming a key component of businesses around the world.

The evolution of monitoring systems started from applications like BMC Patrol, Microsoft Operations Manager, IBM Tivoli and HP OpenView, which monitored specific infrastructure components including hosts, applications and particular infrastructure devices. This was important to detect various possible malfunctions and come up with quick solutions for processes vital for the IT operations. A new layer was introduced on top of this system which worked as an enterprise console. This resulted in smooth IT operations and eventually evolved to establish the missing link between IT and the actual business with the introduction of BSM (Business Service Management).

In the last few years, with the coming of cloud systems, great changes happened in the industry. The cloud architecture has given companies a level of ease that pretty much guarantees that no infrastructure component will fail or go down. Microsoft Azure and AWS consulting partners provide infrastructures which support high availability, redundancy and scalability.

The cloud pricing is an important factor which is often under looked by businesses. The preference to gain a share first and hold on to it later has provoked many to use a cell phone like subscription models to attract customers. Although the per-hour charges of a cost are important, the hidden costs which are often not considered are also important. The cost is solely based on the requirements of the architects, developers, and the end-users. Inexpensive cloud computing systems are of no use if developers struggle to use them efficiently. Cheaper systems also result in lagging latencies and failures on a regular basis. In the world of cloud computing, the value of what you're paying for escapes the premises of per hourly charges. What is even important is calculating and monitoring the costs of using these cloud systems.

Easy to use, cloud cost calculators like "Unigma Cloud Calculator" and "Rackspace" offer innovative tools to monitor AWS, Google Cloud and Azure pricing. These tools provide different types of calculators to estimate special parameters related to the business which vary from basic unit convertors to complete data center build vs. buy comparisons. These calculators are excellent tools and they will help you decide if a cloud service is suitable for your needs.
Mihai CorbuleacAzure/AWS consultant
IT consultant - Big fan of Cloud!

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Steve AlderEditor

Good article. Cloud cost calculators and can certainly help to keep costs down to a minimum. Something else that is also worthwhile considering to keep your cloud costs down is a parking service, so you are not paying for compute resources when you are not using them. Im sure there are a few options out there, but ParkMyCloud is certainly a good one.

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