Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

Over 20 years of experience in web hosting, cloud, dedicated servers, colocation, and domain registration services.
Meet the world's only “Transparent Cloud™” from Superb Internet Corporation. Now, you can experience firsthand a cloud platform that consistently outperforms Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM’s Softlayer, and Microsoft’s Azure when it comes to CPU and disk performance.
The Lowdown on Cloud Computing

Nowadays, it's easy to get entangled in the web of obfuscation within the cloud hosting industry. The reason for this is simple - many Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) do not want you to peek behind the curtains because they're guilty of overselling computing resources to multiple customers on the assumption that most clients will never use their resources to full capacity.

By doing so, these CSPs can increase return on investment (ROI) and profits to staggering levels because they're signing up as many cloud hosting customers as possible for the same amount of computing resources. 

But what happens when some of your cloud neighbors are using their allocated resources at the same time when you're using your cloud resources?

As you can imagine, the performance of your cloud goes down considerably. Bottlenecks occur that negatively impact CPU performance, speed, reliability, and uptime.

To make matters worse, some organizations are advertising and selling cloud hosting services but what they're really offering is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) service to consumers. Keep in mind that the main difference between VPS and cloud is "high-availability." Because VPS involves only a single server, customers can experience single-point-of-failure. Whereas, cloud is running on a distributed architecture with multiple layers of high-availability already built-in, thus preventing any single-point-of-failure.

After learning of this fact, not only did we empathized with you, the cloud hosting customer, but we also wanted to look out for your best interest. To do so, we had to ensure that we remained true to our motto by creating a high-quality cloud platform that's consistently “Ahead of the Rest®." 

Meet the World's Only Transparent Cloud

Well, after nearly 10 years of research and development, our “Transparent Cloud™” was born in 2014. And although it took much longer than anticipated, we wanted to get it right before releasing it to the public. This meant that our cloud platform had to exceed the very high standards that we've set for ourselves when it came to cloud hosting. 

By incorporating the secret ingredients listed below, we were able to achieve cloud success:
  • Fully Dedicated Resources: No overselling resulting in fixed, and stable, performance.
  • Complete Transparency: Full disclosure of computing resources for guaranteed performance.
  • Modern Distributed Storage Technology: No single-points-of-failure and no bottlenecks.
  • Underlying Worldwide-Exclusive 40Gb/s InfiniBand®: Supercomputing networking technology.
  • 100% Uptime: Ultra-high-performance guaranteed service level agreement (SLA).

Now Experts Exchange members have an opportunity to experience our cloud platform that offers practically limitless real-time scalability that's coupled with 100% guaranteed uptime.

Plus, with our cloud platform, you can rest assured knowing that there's no overselling of computing resources so what you get is yours and yours alone. There is no sharing of resources and you are not subject to the whims of your cloud neighbors. 

A Cloud Juggernaut with Many Benefits

Our “Transparent Cloud™” is a technological phenomenon that's quickly becoming widespread. Because we've moved away from the traditional personal computer or local server(s) for storing, managing, and processing data, we have been able to provide many more features and benefits to our cloud hosting customers:



Your "cloud instance" is always available with automatic failover. Should your cloud instance experience any issues, it will be automatically be restarted in another part of Superb's cloud with virtually no downtime at all.

Unmatched Speed

Incorporating InfiniBand's® technology into our cloud platform allows for internal speeds 40x faster than GigE. So don't let your back-end become the bottleneck!



SSD (Solid State Drives) delivers the highest performance available for read/write at 6Gbps, which is double the speed of conventional SATA drives.

Distributed DNS

AnyCast DNS provides multiple points of presence for all your DNS records. This helps to speed access to your site and protect you from DDoS attack due to the physical disparity of the cloud-based AnyCast servers.

Always Up


100% uptime SLA means that we know how important your site is and we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you should ever experience any downtime, we'll credit you 1 day of service for each hour of lost service.

Superior Connectivity


Superb's network has been rated #1 for the last 10 years because of our super-fast connectivity, and ultra-low latency, resulting in the quickest delivery to all the major Internet backbones.

Now, Experts Exchange members can experience firsthand our solid network infrastructure of remote servers hosted securely over the Internet to enable ubiquitous, and on-demand, access to dedicated cloud computing resources for full transparency, and guaranteed performance.

So don’t get entangled in the web of obfuscation within the cloud hosting industry – get the performance you were promised.

Celebrate our 20th anniversary today and we’ll show you why our balloons are not filled with hot air. Sample our Transparent Cloud™ for only $2. That’s right, with just $2, you can get 2 Cores, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD, for an entire 2 months!

Act now, because this deal-of-a-lifetime will evaporate before you know it. Get our benchmark report and see for yourself why we're so loud, and proud, of our cloud!
Over 20 years of experience in web hosting, cloud, dedicated servers, colocation, and domain registration services.

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