How to deal with a message stuck in Outbox using MFCMAPI

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Sometimes Outlook might have problems sending a message. There may be various causes- corrupted PST, AV scanner etc. The message, instead of going to the Sent Items folder, sits in the Outbox indefinitely.

To remove it you can use a free tool called MFCMAPI
1. Download MFCMAPI from this page: https://mfcmapi.codeplex.com/releases/view/617103 and launch it.

2. Go to Session and click Logon. Then select your email account's Outlook profile.

3. Click on the problem email account to highlight it, go to MDB and choose Open Store.

4. Expand the Root - Mailbox tree.

5. Expand IPM_SUBTREE and locate the Outbox folder.

6. Right-click Outbox and select Open Contents Table. The Outbox folder's content will be displayed.

7. Right-click the message that got stuck, then select Submit or Abort Submit. Right-click the item again and select Delete message.

That's it - the problem message should disappear from the Outbox folder in Outlook.


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