Lessons from Cisco Live!: Three Factors That Make the Concerto Cloud Experience Different

I recently attended Cisco Live! in Las Vegas, a conference that boasted over 28,000 techies in attendance, and a week of hands-on learning hosted by a solid partner with which Concerto goes to market.  Every year, Cisco displays cutting-edge technologies that partners, customers and life-long learners not only get to see, but kick the tires, interact with the technology in labs, and ask questions one-on-one with Cisco’s greatest experts in the field.  I was humbled by how much of Cisco’s latest technology we leverage in our Concerto data centers, that many attendees’ only opportunity to see and use is at Cisco Live.  But why is the type of technology used so important?  Doesn’t every cloud provider use the same equipment?
1) Technology is a major differentiator because it can make or break the experience and level of service you receive from your cloud provider.  If the provider’s cloud is sitting on top of white-labelled, low-budget, low-reliability equipment, without massive scale, you’re likely to feel the impact in performance and uptime.  Concerto is a “Powered by Cisco” partner who brings tried and true reference architectures to the cloud.  Using this reference architecture, it doesn’t matter where a problem is, Cisco and our other partners work together to provide us the latest recommendations on how to cloud-enable workloads to perform most optimally.  Technology is the foundation which enables Concerto to offer the amazing 99.99% level of service that we promise and provide to our customers. 
2) Personal service is another key differentiator.  With Concerto, you will immediately notice the high-touch way in which we move you to the cloud.  From the Project Management, Service Management, and Technical team members we dedicate to migrating your workloads into Concerto, to our go-live support services and the Service Desk that’s available to take your calls to work through any challenges, we have built an amazing team to ensure your experience is top-notch.  Other clouds may have team members working in the background, but to get the personal level of service and support that makes transitioning easier, you must have a premium support agreement in place.  At Concerto, Premium comes standard.  Premium people + Premium technologies + Premium service = Premium Cloud.  Period.
3) Not only do we cloud-enable your workloads in our Concerto Virtual Private Cloud, but we also have expertise in the public cloud arena, for those projects where you want to leverage Azure or AWS, but need a team that can give you the same level of service and support.  If you want a mix of both Concerto and public cloud, we provide that, too, with our hybrid cloud offerings.  We have direct connections between Azure and AWS in all of our Data Centers, so we can place half of your workload in say, Azure, and half in Concerto, and the two will work seamlessly together as if they’re all in one data center.  We’re here to abstract all of the ins and outs of public cloud by providing you a single team to solve all of your cloud needs. 
Our advanced designation with Cisco as a Cisco-powered cloud provider is a big reason that we are able to offer the innovative services that we do. If you are shopping for a cloud provider that can provide a more holistic approach to your workloads, or address the truly challenging stuff, then make sure that you understand how top-notch technology combined with a skilled provider can make your cloud experience not just different, but excellent.
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