My Thoughts on Paessler May Surprise You

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Kimberley from Paessler
PRTG expert and networking nerd
David Varnum recently wrote up his impressions of PRTG, based on a presentation by my colleague Christian at Tech Field Day at VMworld in Barcelona.

Thanks David, for your detailed and honest evaluation!
David Varnum has just covered PRTG on his Overlaid blog:  
My Thoughts on Paessler May Surprise You

David attended a presentation by my colleague Christian at Tech Field Day at VMworld in Barcelona and he's written up his impressions of PRTG.  Here are a few excerpts, to whet your appetite.  Please check out David's website for the whole article.

 and making legitimate points in support of their competitive edge in the monitoring industry. In this blog I’ll be doing a personal Q&A about PRTG, running queries against the DB (Dave Brain), hoping it doesn’t fail on me. If it fails, I’m not too concerned, for I’ve installed the appropriate SNMP MIBs used to alert my right hand that coffee needs to be delivered to my mouth. PRTG, save me! PRTG in Barcelona yesterday, demonstrating their product VMworldat Tech Field Day  presented for Paessler AGEver hear of a company called Paessler AG? No? Neither have I. Ever hear of a product called PRTG? Of course?! Me too! Call me crazy, but I never knew this was the same company! 

Spoiler alert!

Most importantly – would I use PRTG?
I just started getting my feet wet with PRTG. I’m up to my ankles now and I don’t have any plans to dry off any time soon. Yes, I’d absolutely use PRTG. Like any monitoring solution, you’ll only get out of it what you put in. The interface is a little intimidating at first, but now that I’ve gone through numerous tabs and options, I’m exceedingly optimistic about it. It’s almost like the first time I used a Mac and I couldn’t figure it out, so I resented it. Then I spent a day or two and realized it’s the greatest end-user OS of our time, and I had no idea how I lived without it. Ok, maybe I’m lamenting a bit. Seriously, I know some people that use PRTG and love it, so I’d absolutely use it, and you should try it out too. If you do try it out, be careful, as it literally starts scanning your network right away! 

Thanks David, for your detailed and honest evaluation!
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by:Kimberley from Paessler
Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your message.  I'll flesh it out a bit and then submit it again.

I have a related question:  If I have a topic/article/post that I only want to post to the Paessler Topics page, does it still go through independent review?  I tagged "paessler" on several articles, but haven't been asked to review or approve them.  Who decides what can appear on our topics page?

(um, to avoid confusion, yes, I'd like to post this article to several topics, after it meets the requirements for an article.  My question is more a hypothetical one, in case I have things to post only to the Paessler topics page at some point).

Thanks for your help!


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