Implementing and Configuring SAP Event Management

Supply Chain Event Management

Supply chain visibility is the ability of a company to track its products and business processes in supply chain towards building operational excellence. The goal of supply chain visibility is to improve and strengthen the supply chain by making critical information in the form of business events be readily available to all stakeholders and external business partners. Supply chain event management (SCEM) solutions go beyond just providing status visibility to actually responding to the critical events with proactive business actions.

As companies supply chains continue to grow across geographies
and enterprises, the capabilities of supply chain event management solutions
will soon become central elements of these extended supply chains. With SAP Event Management, an application within the SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) suite, SAP not only supports supply chain event management concepts, but also provides pre-configured visibility scenarios that customers can leverage for their own supply chain event management implementations.

SAP PRESS NEW book on SAP Event Management

This book uses the Supply Chain Council’s SCOR model to guide readers in explaining the visibility scenarios, business benefits, solution architecture, and technical configurations of five critical supply chain processes. Each chapter starts with an overview of a business process using BPMN flows and then drills into the technical configuration aspects and closes by explaining how the SAP Event Management capabilities can be used for business operations monitoring and performance measurements. The book also highlights the implementation framework and the role of service-oriented architecture (SOA) in providing a platform for exchanging information in collaborative business environment.

Book Contents at Glance
• Introduction

• Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM)- Introduces the concept of SCEM and implementation framework

• SAP Event Management - Introduces SAP Event Management, key definitions and capabilities supported by SAP EM. Also mentions how SOA with web-services is providing platform for information integration among business partners

• Visibility Processes Supported in SAP EM 5.1 - Using BPMN symbols, various business processes are mapped to explain the supply chain events, SAP EM supports in various visibility processes of Procurement, Order to Cash, Manufacturing, Transportation, Returnable items, Seasonal Procurement, Rail-Car Management. Business benefits are outlined for each visibility processes

• Architecture in SAP Event Management 5.1 - Provides explanation of technical architecture, deployment options and connectivity configuration between SAP EM and ECC and BW

• Setting Up a Procure-to-Pay Scenario with SAP EM - Provides detailed solutioning aspects in procurement scenario

• Setting Up a Manufacturing Scenario with SAP EM - Provides detailed solutioning aspects in Manufacturing and Plant maintenance integration scenario

• Setting Up an Order-to-Cash Scenario with SAP EM - Provides detailed solutioning aspects in order-to-cash scenario

• Setting Up a Transportation Scenario with SAP EM - Provides solutioning aspects on setting up SAP EM within SAP TM, ECC , SAP APO TP/VS modules

• Setting Up a Returnable Transportable Scenario with SAP EM - Provides detailed solutioning aspects on setting up Returnable assets for company in RFID scenario

• Integrating SAP EM with other SAP Solutions - Provides integration of SAP EM with SAP SNC, SAP APO, SAP Portal, SAP BW, SAP TM

• Monitoring Procedures for SAP EM - Provides details on monitoring, error handling and escalation management for Production SAP EM environment


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