Why Businesses Need Email Encryption

Dermot SmythSecurity and Compliance Officer

Encryption for Business

Encryption ensures the safety of our data when sending emails. In most cases, to read an encrypted email you must enter a secret key that will enable you to decrypt the email. The information passed between companies and clients needs to be encrypted as the contents are mostly confidential. Any business owner should know that the primary attack method to compromise sensitive company data is through email. Email is the chink in every organisation's armor and hackers will target that vulnerability. Encryption is necessary for companies as cyber criminals prey on emails that include attachments with private data, links, bank details and any other forms of crucial information.

With email encryption, a company can protect its sensitive information from cyber criminals by only allowing certain users access to the emails you send. Consider this, if you are away on vacation and want to send a pictured postcard to a friend, would the contents of your postcard include highly confidential information, for instance, bank details or the home alarm code? Of course not. Just like a picture postcard, a non-encrypted email can be exposed for all to see.

Businesses use email encryption to have more control and protection over sensitive information that they may share over email. The NSA and AT&T’s Spying Pact is a perfect example of why businesses need to encrypt crucial data. For years telecomm company AT&T provided the spying agency with metadata on billions of emails. It is believed that AT&T controlled nearly one-third of all bandwidth carrying internet traffic to homes and businesses across the US, which essentially gave the NSA access to a vast amount of data through it’s alliance with the telecommunications company.

As a result of this, encryption is something that the average user is beginning to worry about. Although the difficulty of enabling email encryption for normal users can be off-putting, it is becoming a necessity for businesses. Compliance requirements, when handling sensitive personal (e.g. healthcare) or financial data, are another factor that means business usage of email encryption is becoming more important than ever.

The Email Laundry provides full and comprehensive enterprise-standard encryption services that guarantee your piece of mind when sending private information to your recipients. The service itself is incredibly easy to use, all you need to do is type an encryption keyword in your subject line and the contents of your email are secure!

The services The Email Laundry provides are PDF Encryption, Secure Portal Encryption and TLS Encryption. Make sure to check out our SaaS Email Encryption Suite in our services drop down menu.
Dermot SmythSecurity and Compliance Officer

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