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MS Outlook is a world-class email client application that is mainly used for e-communication globally.  In this article, we will discuss the basic idea about MS Outlook, its advanced features, and types of MS Outlook File formats.
Microsoft Outlook is a versatile personal information manager, developed by  Microsoft and available as a Microsoft Office suite. It offers extended file compatibility, updated user interface, and a sophisticated user experience. It works as an email client application that manages contacts, messages, tasks, journals, calendars, web browsing, and notes  that are already stored on a mail server.

Microsoft Outlook is a popular stand-alone application that can work with Microsoft Exchange Server as well as Microsoft SharePoint Server for numerous numbers of users in an association that includes shared calendars and mailboxes, Share Point records, Exchange public files or folders, and appointment schedules. For mobile iOS and Android users, Microsoft developers launched a mobile application that helps to synchronize MS Outlook maximum possible data to Outlook mobile flawlessly.
Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange Server is a reliable mail and calendaring server that was released by Microsoft that remarkably runs on Windows server operating system and user for exchanging emails. It supports the following protocols that are mentioned below:
  • POP3(Post Office Protocol):
    Receive e-mails from the remote servers through TCP/IP connection. Which users can easily download and store on their personal computer
  • IMAP(Internet Message Access Protocol):
    Utilized by email clients for retrieving email messages from a mail server over a TCP/IP network.
  • MAPI( Messaging Application Programming Interface):
    Facilitates email messages transporting, stores messages, communicates with Microsoft Exchange, and directory management.
  • SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol):
    A well-known email transmission protocol used by mail servers and mail transfer clients for sending or receiving email messages.
  • EAS(Exchange ActiveSync):
    A prominent XML-based protocol designed to synchronize contacts, emails, tasks, calendars, and notes from the server to a Smartphone and other mobile products. It also offers policy controls and mobile device administration services.
Note: MS Exchange Server is authorized for both forms i.e. on-premises software and software as a service .
  • On-premises form: In this, users can buy client access licenses (CALs).
  • Software service form: Microsoft accepts a monthly service fee, alternatively (like Microsoft Office 365).
Microsoft Share Point Server:
Microsoft Share Point Server is a web-based application that deploys and manages Enterprise contents, searches, business intelligence, newsfeeds, and personal websites. It is mainly used as the safest place by organizations to  control, access, organize, share, and store information from around any device.

MS Outlook data file types:
MS Outlook stores email messages, contact, and other items into  different file extensions like .pst, .ost, and .msg. 
  • PST File Extension:
    PST (or Personal Storage Table) is the most commonly used file format to store sent or received copies of email messages, task, calendar, and other items on your computer. MS Outlook saves PST files into ANSII (runs on Windows 2002 to 98 versions) and Unicode(runs on Windows 2016-2003 versions) . PST files are used for IMAP, POP3, and a web-based email accounts that are running on an Exchange server. 
    Along with this, you can create archives or backup files of MS Outlook on users computers like Exchange accounts. PST files can be moved or archived to manage the file size limits on the mail server and can be stored anywhere on your computer. Once the file is moved to a PST file, then you can free up storage media  space in the mailbox on the mail server.
  • OST File Extension:
    OST (or Offline Storage Table)  files are created when a user connects MS Outlook with Exchange Server (MAPI). It is  an offline folder that holds duplicate files like a local copy of whatever available on Exchange Server such as messages, contacts, calendar and other items.
    Users can add, delete, and change the contents of an offline folder the way users do while connected to a server. It automatically gets synchronized with Exchange Server mailbox after getting online.
  • MSG File Extension:
    MSG (or Message) is a file extension that identifies a single email message used by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.  It contains plain ASCII text for the headers, main email message body,  hyperlinks, and attachments.  It can be exported securely for the principle of archiving, saving, and scanning for malware.
Rules for Email Messages Management
Everyday users receive and send multiple files and attachments from their MS Outlook account. Due to the increase in the growth of sending or receiving an email message, it becomes difficult to manage and find any particular file. To overcome this problem, you can follow the given below rules to manage MS Outlook email messages.
  • Organize Your Email Messages:
    You can create a separate folder to save particular sender emails n you MS Outlook account. This method will help you to view any email easily of any specific user.
  • Update your emails:
    These rules will notify you when a particular message comes into your  account. For example, by activating incoming message alerts on your mobile device, it will notify you time to time during receiving any new message.
 Common errors that are generated during usage of MS Outlook:  
While using MS Outlook features, sometimes you encounter errors on your screen. These general errors pop up on the screen due to some reasons. Some of the errors which frustrate users are listed below: 
  • "Cannot send this item"
  • " No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it "
  • "Outlook not implemented"
  • "Outlook keeps asking for the user's password"
  • "Problems reinstalling Outlook 2007"
The above Outlook errors can easily be rectified by manual methods  or any third party tool.
So, undoubtedly MS Outlook is one the best email client application. To me, Outlook is the jewel of Microsoft office suite.MS Outlook interactive and user-friendly feature makes better than other email application. It can be easily accessed by any user without extra technical knowledge.  
james snowSoftware Engineer
I believe that my mission is to create impact in the world and make people happy through technology.

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