Options Companies Have When Choosing Email Security

Dermot SmythSecurity and Compliance Officer
Choosing an appropriate provider for your company’s email security can be difficult as email security is a key element in the overall security of a business. A company’s email is an open door for malicious hackers who can potentially drive your business into the ground with one rogue email. There are a few options with regards to a solution but it all depends on picking the right fit for your business. This blog post is dedicated to the options businesses face when choosing their email security.

Appliance or Software Solutions - On Premise

Generally, the most popular choice for a company are appliance or software solutions. These appliances are great for focusing on certain aspects of email security such as data privacy and spam and virus protection. This option is also easy to install and not very expensive. However, these software solutions require a lot of  "hands on" updates which do not come with the benefits of realtime threat intelligence or the big data analysis that can be performed across the entire network of a cloud provider and can be quite slow to update. These appliances operate by themselves and require occasional attention from the beholder of the software.

Hosted Email Security - the OEM way

Another option businesses have are hosted email security services where the provider is simply hosting an appliance or application to take some management out of the customer’s hands. This option would be considered appealing as the customer does not have to manage their email security by themselves which is one less thing to worry about in a hectic working environment. Despite this, if in a crises, the level of knowledge is not provided as it is not the providers software. An OEM may have the software but their shortcomings will be revealed with their lack of expertise. Many email security providers are actually using someone else’s software or threat intelligence although they disguise it as their own. It is always worth trying to establish how much of the service is provided by the service provider themselves.

Full Cloud Based Service

A cloud based service is the expert solution. This is the option any business who are serious about their email security should go with. CBS are the well informed and comprehensive service with research and development departments as well as threat intelligence. With a CBS, the customer does not have to worry about a single thing. Once they have signed up with the service, they are fully secured from threats such as spam, phishing attacks, spear phishing attacks, ransomware and CEO Fraud. Unlike an OEM, the software used by a CBS  is manufactured entirely by themselves which means they have a full grasp on the technology they are using to prevent any incoming threats.

A Full Cloud Based Solution can also avail of big data analytics and look for anomalous behavior across their entire customer base and use this knowledge to block new threats as they emerge.

There are only a handful of CBS's that provide a full and comprehensive service. Providers such as Symantec and Proofpoint along with ourselves, The Email Laundry.

Dermot SmythSecurity and Compliance Officer

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