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How to verify if Exchange Server is generating Offline Address book successfully. (Best Practice)

These are few of the settings to check if OAB (Offline Address Book) is working fine (server-side)

Verify if Offline Address book exists at the following location.

Go to the property of the default offline address book (or any customized one you have created). Verify
1)      Offline address list server exists and is functional
2)      Address lists exist in and it's set at Default Global Address List.
3)      Update interval is NOT SET to Never Run
4)      Default Global Address List --exist under All Address List

OAB property
Go to your mailbox store properties (if you have more than one mailbox store -- need to check each and every mailbox store). Verify.

1)      If Exchange mailbox store is pointing to its default store (as seen below)
2)      If Exchange mailbox store is pointing to Default Offline Address List

 MBx store properties
Go to Exchange System Manager
Organization Name -- Administrative Groups (Container) -- Your Administrative Group Name -- Folders- Public Folders.

Right click select Connect to Your Offline Address list Generation Server
Right click select View System Folders.
Expand Public folders -- (left) click on OFFLINE ADDRESS BOOK. Verify
1)      Existence of folder which ends with =default offline Address List
2)      Existence of folder which ends with your administrative group

On the left hand side, (left) click on the first folder under OFFLINE ADDRESS BOOK.
Verify if the following three folders exist on the right hand side of the console.

Go to the properties of each OAB Version folder 2 -- 3A -- 4. Verify.

1)      There exists a replica of your Offline Address List Generation Server.
2)      Public Folder replication interval is set to Always Run (if there exists multiple servers added to the tab above)

Will write up an article on
1) Client-side troubleshooting for OAB
2) Server-side troubleshooting for OAB

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Albert WidjajaIT Professional

Does this also applicable to Exchange 365 ?

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