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Windows Mobile Barcode Readers

Windows Mobile Barcode Scanning

These days almost every product has a barcode in some way... amongst there are 1D barcodes en 2D barcodes..

From I found some handy definitions and insights.

1D barcodes
This is a conventional linear barcode. It has a single row of bars- similar to a picket fence. The barcode is called 'one dimensional' because all the data is encoded in the horizontal width. Increasing the data content can only be achieved by increasing the width. Beyond a certain point the barcode becomes too wide to scan easily.

2D Barcodes:
2D means 'two dimensional'. 2D barcodes contain more information than conventional one dimensional linear barcodes. Conventional barcodes get wider as more data is encoded. 2D barcodes make use of the vertical dimension to pack in more data. 2D barcodes have become possible as auto scanning CCD and laser scanners have replaced the original 'light pen' type of scanner. At this time most conventional CCD and Laser scanners cannot read 2D barcodes but this is likely to change as the first of the range of low cost combined 1D/2D scanners are introduced.

2D barcodes will probably not replace conventional 1d barcodes. 2D barcodes will be used where 1D barcodes cannot hold the necessary amount of data but 1D barcodes have the advantage in low capacity applications like serial numbers.

There are a number of different standards for the 1D barcodes, where as 2D barcodes "tend" to be all the same standard.

If you want to know more about the different versions and possibilities, you can visit the site from barcodeman.

As a possible successor for the current Barcodes.. 1D and 2D there is RFID. With a barcode you have to see it so you can scan it. As for RFID you only have to be near to scan the product. Also reading RFID is much faster than barcodescanning.

One of the latest additions in 2D barcodes is the Microsoft TAG also known as High Capacity Color Barcode (HCCB). I highlight this one because it is the only color based (possible) barcode i found. It  stands out in the crowd because of its color. Possibilities are great if you look at the microsoft website.

Some people say that
There are a lot of barcode readers each whith there own strengts and weaknesses. I selected and tried the ones below and found every one good to use...

Try them yourselves and decide which one is best.

Description: From your mobile phone, simply snap or scan a Tag image anywhere you see it – in editorials, advertisements, product packaging, signs and storefronts – and gain instant access to Websites, videos, reviews, schedules, contact information, social networks, discounts, promotions and more!

Description: End-to-end 1D/2D Mobile Barcode Solution

Description: MobileTag is a universal reader that can scan any type of 1D, Datamatrix, QR barcodes. It also integrates a price comparator: scan to compare product prices and find the best web or local store offers
Website / download:

Description: Barcorama is a Zxing-based ( barcode reader software developed in C#. The program's main purpose is to provide a free (and hopefully powerful) tool in the consumer's toolchain!



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dsackerContract ERP Admin/Consultant

Nice article, carlo_vanorsouw. The one problem with Windows Mobile on any hand-held scanner is that in Internet Explorer, the onkeypress, onkeyup, and/or onkeydown events are not exposed. You either have to write your own .NET browser control, turning those events on in your WinApp, or purchase one of very few commercial browsers that have been thus written.

Have you had much success with web pages, specifically in JavaScript, getting scanned fields to trigger an event?

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