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Way to Open Word, Excel, Powerpoint file without Microsoft Office.

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: Microsoft Office Collaborate for free and online versions of Microsoft  Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Onedrive , Email, Calendar etc. In short we can say that Microsoft office is a suite of servers, applications and services developed by  Microfoft. But sometimes people faces  problems  .
  1. OpenOffice
One of the leading opensource office software suites for graphics, databases, spreadsheets , presentations and word processing that we can use is OpenOffice. This application is also available in many different native languages.
OpenOffice.pngGood Software
The best thing about OpenOffice software is that it completely follows the open development process which means anyone can request new features, also report bugs or enhance the software. Using this software you can open powerpoint without office and view excel files without MS office.
Easy to use
The reason people are using this software is it is easy to learn its features and it has native –language communities which are available and support you in your native language.

2.IBM Lotus Symphony

Good Software
IBM Lotus Symphony is a software suite of applications that offers  you a free alternative to Microsoft Office apps. This suite provides three tools; spreadsheet, word processor and presentation. This suite of applications is used for many purposes like creating ,editing and sharing text etc. The best thing with this suite is you can open word,excel,powerpoint files without Ms Office .
IBM-Lotus-Symphony-.jpgEasy to use
It is one of the best offline methods you can try if you don’t have Ms Office. IBM lotus Symphony and OpenOffice together provide the alternative of Microsoft Office. It is fully-featured tool which is easy to use and available at no charge.
3-Microsoft Viewer programs

Microsoft viewer program is a freeware program which is available for Microsoft Windows .This Viewer program is free, you just need to download it on your Laptop, desktop and use all its features like:
  • Now you can View and open excel without office suite in your system.
  • You can also open powerpoint ,word without office .
Microsoft.jpgYou can open,edit and save Microsoft Office files without Office on its Word viewer,Microsoft viewer and Powerpoint viewer .
Conclusion: I hope this method will help you and you can save your time and do your work easily these offline tools are so effective and easy to use. But people still face many problems like Powerpoint has vanished, Accidently deleted your file, Something seems to be missing etc, personally sharing my experience there are much better recovery tools that you can try .
Author:joey watson
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by:joey watson
Thank you Thomas ,
for your response . i am glad that you read my article and also suggested to improve where am lacking .The answer of the  point you suggested :
1- yes i have permission for the featured image that i used in my article.
2-I am changing my title and thanks for your good suggestion.
3-and yes it means native language.
now i edit again and assuming this time my article may be pass and again thanks for all of your good suggestion.

Author Comment

by:joey watson
Thank you Thomas Buddy .
for all your support and suggestion its never been soo easy to publish my article .But you helped me and thanks man,....

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