Ransomware a Vexing Problem According to New Study

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A new Acronis survey shows people often have conflicting thoughts about data protection.
Most people recognize the need to protect the data on their laptops and mobile devices from the threat of hackers and ransomware. Unfortunately only a handful actually take the steps necessary to safeguard themselves.  
That’s the take-away from a recent Acronis survey of internet users worldwide that shows people often have conflicting views about data protection.
For instance, 71 percent of respondents said they worry about the safety of their personal data, yet less than half actually have a plan in place to recover their data if they’re hacked.    
Furthermore, 94 percent of people said they would not pay money to get their data back if they suffered a ransomware attack – despite the fact that 41 percent said they couldn’t afford to lose any data.
“These survey findings explain why cybercriminals have such high success rate in attacking unsuspecting users,” said James Slaby of Acronis. “People mistakenly believe that they are safe from ransomware and other malware attacks, and that it is possible to recover files encrypted by such attacks without having to pay a ransom.”
Check out the Acronis blog to see more findings from the study.
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