Applications of Virtual Reality

The advancements in today's technology are unparalleled. Much of the technology that we have could not have been imagined twenty years ago. One of the latest additions to the list of technological advances is virtual reality. Virtual reality has an infinite number of applications.

My favorite use of virtual reality is allowing people to visit places they might never see. Virtual reality can be used by people too sick or too frail to see the world. They can climb Mount Everest, see the Northern Lights, and ride the waves in Hawaii all from the comfort of their home or hospital bed. The same idea can be used for people who can not afford to travel. While it is not the same as being there, I believe that everyone should have the chance to experience the many wonders of the world in any way they can.

Virtual reality can be used to prepare. It can help train pilots for emergencies without the possibility of injury or damage to expensive machinery. It can allow doctors to practice procedures before opening up a patient. It can allow engineers to troubleshoot problems, thus preventing possible disasters. Using virtual reality to see a design before it is made can help cut costs. Cameras could be sent into outer space or deep into the ocean, and we could explore through virtual reality without endangering ourselves or spending millions to send humans there. The use of virtual reality in careers is boundless.

Exposure therapy could benefit form virtual reality. It could be used as a safe way to slowly introduce a person to their fears and help them overcome it. Through virtual reality, they would be less likely to hurt themselves and others. People with anxiety can use virtual reality to experience situations that usually make them anxious. By going through those moments in a safe environment, they can feel more confident when they experience it in real life.

Virtual reality will likely become popular for recreational use as well. I hope technology will be invented that will allow us to record our dreams and memories and then play them through a virtual reality headset. We could relive memories of our favorite moments. We could see our loved ones again and it would seem like they are still here with us. Virtual reality could be used by the military for soldiers stationed out of the country; they could see their family while they are away.

The uses of virtual reality are unlimited. New technology will develop alongside virtual reality that will expand its uses. Soon, we might be able to use virtual reality in real time. It could be used for security measures, safe viewing of an experiment, or greeting friends in real time. There will be uses for virtual reality that do not currently exist! Only time will tell. I am excited to see what role virtual reality will have in our ever-changing world.

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