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Adam C. DiamondTechnical Support Manager
The 21st century solution to antiquated pagers.
We know that doctors have a love affair with their pagers but healthcare communication is seeing a shift away from pagers to smart phone based communication. OnPage is the fastest provider of critical messaging and alerting services via smartphone and is quickly being adopted by healthcare institutions who have woken up to the need for change.

OnPage and the future of healthcare alerting.

A recent survey at Emory highlighted the need for change. Doctors who used pagers preferred smart device platforms over pagers. Approximately 70% of users prefer pages on a cell phone / smart device, while only approximately 15% preferred pagers (remaining 15% chose other options).

OnPage fulfills this desire by doctors to have their smartphone integrate with their pagers. OnPage, through a smartphone based application and a web interface allows users to message and alert each other. Users never have to carry around a pager and a smartphone anymore. OnPage makes sure users never miss a critical unlike traditional pagers which are known for being unreliable and dropping pages.

Secure Messaging and HIPAA compliance

Hospitals have traditionally avoided using smartphones to communicate because they felt they were not secure. OnPage however, is HIPAA complaint and enables healthcare providers to communicate via encrypted and secure text communication. OnPage messages are SSL encrypted and can only be viewed by message participants. Furthermore, OnPage has remote wipe capabilities to further ensure HIPAA compliance. Remote wipe is especially handy when an unattended phone with the OnPage app falls into the wrong hands. Remote Wipe will completely remove all patient sensitive information on the OnPage app and therefore ensure HIPAA compliance.

OnPage features are designed to ensure HIPAA compliance. The app achieves this through:
• Requiring app and web console to both come with a sign- in process.
• Ensuring messaging through the app is completely secure. This security is also true for image and voice attachments sent along with the messages.
• A sophisticated and user-friendly web console audit trail that informs you when an alert or message is Sent, Delivered and Read. This ensures complete accountability and delivery. Read receipts allows for easy tracking when incidents occur.
• Enabling date and time stamps which are a part of every piece of communication that goes through OnPage.
• Customized messaging retention time frames. All contact lists are secure as well.

Works over Wifi too – no page is lost!

OnPage works over cellular and WIFI which means that as long as the doctor is connected to either one of these networks, they will receive the message. The sender of the message or the alert dispatcher is notified when messages reach their destination and is also notified when the message is read. Unlike less reliable pagers, non-compliant SMS solutions or pager services, OnPage allows you to take real-time actions — saving time and saving lives.

If the sender hasn’t been notified that the page was read, then action can be taken to escalate the message. Pages and emergency messages can be escalated to another doctor in case the first doctor doesn’t read the page or is unresponsive.

Improve Workflows – Improve Communications

Using OnPage’s critical messaging service improves workflows and communication. Our on-call scheduling management allows for sending low or high priority alerts to the right person.

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