A Four-Tier Guide to Smooth Internal Communication

Dan RadakEditor in Chief
Currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.
When you’re making plans to join the modern business race, you should analyze various details that may affect your results. Nowadays, millions of businesses are trying to grow into established and appreciated professional enterprises.
While business owners can easily master the broad strokes of business management, it’s the little things that will make a difference. One of them is efficient business communication. In this piece, we’ll show you some practical tips for enhancing this feature. 

Ask your employees

Every work unit is different, so you can’t apply the same set of rules to every single business. This is why we’re talking about a need to analyze all the nuts and bolts for your particular business, as well as your employees.
You can start by asking them about their opinions on proper communication. For instance, you can hand out a survey with a few simple questions pertaining to the quality of communication in your company.
Moreover, you should learn more about their satisfaction with the way they have to communicate with your customers and clients.
Finally, when you’ve gathered all the information you want to have, hold a follow-up meeting with your HR manager and team leaders. That way, you’ll prove that you care for your employees’ feedback.

Stick with e-mail

Email remains an irreplaceable means of communication for most entrepreneurs. It enables business owners to keep correspondence neutral, in which they can communicate various aspects of business cooperation. First of all, encourage your customers to register on your business website, so as to grow your email list. This database of email addresses is extremely important for your special business offers and newsletters.
Secondly, every business owner should add an original email signature to every letter they send this way. It should contain your business name, logo, physical address and contact details. When your customers and business associates see this, your business will look more professional.
Furthermore, study other rules of email etiquette and apply them to your everyday communication with various business parties, as well as your employees.

Use meetings wisely

Many freelancers complain that their clients insist on too many meetings per work week. They claim that spending too much time in meetings distracts them from working on practical work tasks. If you take these opinions into consideration, you can improve the productivity of your meetings. For starters, try to establish a monthly meeting schedule and send it to your team leaders. Once a week is enough when you don’t have any urgent projects.
What’s more, send them a handout with the most important points of every meeting in advance. That way, your team leaders or employees will have enough time to prepare for the meeting, which will make the occasion more efficient. Moreover, encourage your employees to talk in those meetings. Every idea is welcome and they should be aware of that.
Finally, every participant should be sent a follow-up email containing the actions they need to take in the aftermath of the meeting.

Improve project planning

A large number of productivity problems is caused by bad communication. Missed deadlines, forgotten tasks and unfinished projects are only some of the burning issues that arise as a result of inadequate communication regarding task distribution. Because of that, you should pay attention to these details and improve your project planning. For instance, you should hold a meeting with your team leaders when you’re about to start working on a new project. Here you can discuss your framework, assign the tasks to teams and set your deadlines. After that, your team leaders should forward these details to members of their teams. Here’s where an internal communication plan should be utilized, so that all the employees and team leaders know what they should do and how they can check the progress of other teams. It will contribute to fewer misunderstandings within your business, which will result in more finished projects and higher revenues.
Contemporary entrepreneurs need to compete with a vast number of business rivals. However, modern communication methods and tools make this game much easier. You only have to understand what features can advance your particular business. So, work with your employees and use modern organization tools to come up with the right set of communication rules that will improve your business.
Dan RadakEditor in Chief
Currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.

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