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A Step by Step Guide to Avail Trial of Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation and Field Service

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Chinmay Patel
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Having trouble getting your hands on Dynamics 365 Field Service or Project Service trial? Worry No More!!!
I did hear that some people are facing a challenge with setting up Dynamics 365 PSA and Field Service Trial so here it is a… step by step guide to configure PSA and Field Service.
  1. Navigate to https://crm.dynamics.com
  2. Click on Solutions, and select Sales. You will see the screen as shown below. Click on Try It.
  3. You will be presented with a simple form. Fill up the details as you see fit. Regardless of your Geo-location and language preferences, I suggest you choose United States and English here. (You can thank me later for that tip). Click on Just One More Step.
  4. Another simple to fill form will pop up. Once you have filled in the details. Click on Create my account.
  5. You will have to now authenticate with a Phone number. It works for any listed country so does not matter where you are. Just select appropriate country code and enter cell number that you can access. Please do note that it sometimes does not work with certain cellular providers (Pre-paid/IP). Try with a different number if that is the case.
  6. You will be asked to login now. Provide the credentials you created in Step 4.6.png
  7. You will see a Please Wait… screen with your own Org URL and once it is ready a link to begin the Setup will appear. I ran into an error at this point. If you run in an error you can log on to https://portal.office.com and click on Dynamics 365 to reach to the next step of this process.
  8. Once you click on Set up. You will see the screen as shown below.
  9. Select All of These and click on Complete Setup.
  10. Now you will be redirected to the following screen.
  11. Now click on Dynamics 365 on top left and a navigation bar will popup. Click on Get More Apps at bottom left.
  12. Dynamics 365 AppSource will be shown. In the Search field, type Field or Project, based on your requirements. Click on Try on appropriate App.
  13. Provide Confirmation as requested. Agree to the terms and conditions and click on Continue.
  14. You will be taken to Dynamics 365 Administration Center. From here you can install multiple solutions (Portals, Insights,) etc. as per your requirements.
  15. In future if you need to access the Dynamics 365 Administration Center, you can always do it by navigating to https://portal.office.com and then click on the Office menu in top right corner and expand Admin Centers and then click on Dynamics 365.
  16. Click on Solutions to manage the Solutions for a given Org.
I hope this guide will help you to get started with Dynamics 365. If you have any questions/comments please do reach out to me via comments.

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