How to display two time zones in one Outlook calendar

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When you have clients or friends from around the world, it becomes a challenge to arrange a meeting or effectively manage your time. This is where Outlook's capability to show 2 time zones in one calendar comes in handy.
By default, Microsoft Outlook displays calendars with only one time zone - the one you are currently in (Fig. 1).

Fig.1. By default, calendar in Outlook displays only one time zone
You always need to remember the time difference between the time zones and calculate when arranging a meeting with somebody from the other part of the world. Fortunately, you can add another time zone that will be displayed next the current one.

  1. Go to: Tools, Options, Calendar Options
  2. In the new window click Time Zone
  3. Check the option Show an additional time zone
  4. From the drop down list choose the time zone you want to be displayed as the second one (Fig.2) 243.jpg Fig.2. You can only add one additional time zone
  5. Close all the windows by confirming OK

Now, when you open Outlook calendar, you will see two time zones next to each other (Fig.3). This way you can manage your time more efficiently and always know what is the current time in another time zone.

Fig.3. Outlook Calendar with two time zones displayed next to each other

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