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Why am I not receiving emails from Experts Exchange?

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Kyle Santos
Quality Assurance for Experts Exchange.
This problem is more common than not and I will show you some things to check to solve this problem.

First thing you want to do is see if you have email notifications setup.  

Most emails from Experts Exchange are system emails and the sender is noreply@experts-exchange.com

Obvious first things to check would be your Spam folder.  If that checks out, and EE is not in your spam folder, then try going to your Settings.

  • Click your avatar in the upper right section of the header 
  • Select Settings
  • Select Communications tab

In the Communications Settings, you need to verify that you are receiving Immediate Emails.  For example, click Question and Answer 'Edit'.

This is what you should see:


Are you still not receiving communications from Experts Exchange?

In most cases, private emails, workplace networks and/or firewalls are prohibiting noreply@experts-exchange.com as a sender.  You will need to white list this email address to receive email notifications in your inbox.  If you aren't sure if its a blocked sender, then contact your network administrator and find out.  They should be able to fix this issue for you.

Is this problem still happening?

Try a public email address.  For example gmail, yahoo, outlook, Apple, etc.  

If you're still unable to get email notifications, then I recommend contacting Experts Exchange Customer Service.
Call Us @ +1-877-211-8911
Telephone Support Hours
Monday-Friday 6:00AM-12:00PM PT (UTC-8).
Author:Kyle Santos

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