In-place Upgrading Dirsync to Azure AD Connect

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In-place Upgrading Dirsync to Azure AD Connect

Experts, a lot of you might be aware that Dirsync is going to expire on April 13, 2017. It is time for us to upgrade to Azure AD connect. I know, a lot of us are confused, on how to do it. I am documenting steps you can use to perform Dirsync upgrade. There are two option:


Option 1: In-Place upgrade. Which 99% would be doing or if your object count is below 50000.

Option 2: Parallel deployment. This is required for large organizations or If your object count is above 50000.

Here, I have documented steps for Option 1 or In-Place upgrade.

Step 1: Downloading Azure AD Connect from below path:

Step 2: Prerequisites for Azure AD Connect

1) Install all latest OS updates.

2) Install latest .Net 4.5.1 and Powershell 3.0 version.

3) Upgrade Forest and Domain functional to 2003 or later.

4) Note down user id and password, you are using for Dirsync.

5) Don't use RODC Domain controller. You need writable DC.

6) Make sure you are running Windows 2008 or later.

7) You need a service account with Enterprise Admin rights in your Active Directory.

8) Remember there is no roll back, once you started the upgrade.

9) In-place upgrade is recommended, if object count is below 50000.

10) In-Place upgrade is recommended, if upgrade takes less than 3 hours.

Step 3: In Place Upgrade

1) Launch AD Connect setup(MSI) file.

2) Select license term check box and hit continue.

3) Click next, now tool will start analyzing your current DirSync configuration.

4) After Step 3 is over, You will be prompted to enter your SQL server/database name. Click Next.

Note: If you are using SQL Express, then you won't asked to provide SQL details.

5) Enter the username and password, you noted in step 2 point 4 above. Click Next

6) Enter the Enterprise service account username and password. Click Next.

7) Once above steps are completed. You will be asked to click on Upgrade button. Click Upgrade.

Note: You can also select "Start the synchronization process as soon as the configuration completes".

8) Once step 7 is completed, logout and login back again.


Note: You don't need to remove Dirsync. Azure AD Connect, will do it for you.

Important Note: If you are using proxy, you must allow below URL's minimum. Else upgrade would fail.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


AmitIT Architect
If you need my quick help, raise the ticket with highest priority.

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