How a “Why Us” Page Makes Your Business Stand Out

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Lexie Lu
A UX/UI designer with expertise in marketing, web design, and graphic design.
When crafting your “Why Us” page, there are a plethora of pitfalls to avoid. Follow these five tips, and you’ll be well on your way to creating an effective page.
How many times have you been browsing the web for the perfect business for a job, only to stop short at their “Why US” page? It’s dry, it’s long and it’s full of confusing buzzwords. It might even be hard to find or nonexistent. In other words, it’s a complete turnoff.

According to the Society of Digital Agencies, 52% of site visitors want to view an “About Us” page. Why would anyone trust your business when you don’t give them information about yourselves? When crafting your “Why Us” page, there are a plethora of pitfalls to avoid. Follow these five tips, and you’ll be well on your way to creating an effective page.

Strive for Clarity
You know about the five Ws, right? Your “About Us” page should answer the who, what, when, where, whys — and optionally hows — of your business. Ideally, these should be in the first sentence or at least the first paragraph. If you have to hunt for the information on your current page, it’s time for a rewrite.

When reviewing your page, keep an eye out for buzzwords. These words sound flashy, but they complicate your message. Think of them like your favorite candy — a few are fine, but too many will make you sick. Talk about your business in simple terms, and your customers will know exactly what they’re getting.

Take the site Apptopia. Their “Why Us” page starts with their mission statement, “To provide the most actionable app store data,” and goes from there. In the first two paragraphs, they expand on their mission, outlining the five W’s of their business. What’s even better? They do it without relying on jargon to spice things up. Their simple message makes their products and business goals easy to understand.

Provide Customer Testimonials
Now that you have the language of your “Why Us” page finalized, you may think you’re in the clear. But you’re not done yet! The next step is to show visitors what your clients think of you. After all, a case study on the company Buildium suggests that, with the right mix of testimonials, you could see a 22% increase in your conversion rates.

How did Buildium get such great success? They used A/B testing to assess several groups of testimonials and determine which group brought the results — growing their market to larger companies — they were looking for. Buildum found the testimonials that worked best for them mentioned their ability to handle businesses of all sizes, boosting their credibility with larger companies.

Therefore, when curating testimonials from your clients, consider what effect you want them to have. Do you want to emphasize you product’s ease of use or your employee’s friendly demeanor? The messages you want to send should shape what testimonials you put on your page.

Tell a Story
One of the most compelling ways to make your page stand out is to tell a story. Research shows that when hearing a story, our brains both process the language and activate relevant brain sectors. So for example, when you hear a story about running, your brain both processes the statement and activates your motor cortex.

How can you use this to your advantage? Take the opportunity to tell your customers how you got started, your motivations and your plans for the future. For example, check out the “About Us” page for design firm Invisible Creature.

These brothers do an outstanding job of outlining their lives and lifelong passion for art. They’ve crafted their biography to tell their story and interspersed it with pictures illustrating their personal journey and work.

Be Bold
When designing your page, don’t be afraid to push the envelope. Take the opportunity to test out some visual elements you don’t have elsewhere on you site. Even some high-quality pictures related to your business will make a difference.

If you need some inspiration, look at the Mechanical Equipment Corp’s (MECO) page. It starts out with an amazing overview of the company and its history. Following the overview, the page features some dramatic imagery: a welder working on a machine, a line of chairs at a conference table and a map of the world made out of water droplets. All these striking images represent areas of the site to find more information.

Showcase Employees
Finally, take some time to think about who can really give an accurate picture of your business — besides your customers. Stumped yet? Chances are, they’re in the room with you now: your employees.

In the world of testimonials, employees are a mostly untapped resource. As an example, look at Microchip’s Employee Testimonials page, which is an offshoot of its “About Us” section. This page features pictures and stories from current employees, which cover everything from company culture to how they feel they’ve grown through their employment.
These testimonials give a sense of validity that even customer ones may not have. A customer may not trust consumer opinions but could be convinced if they know what conditions inside the company are like.

Now that you’ve finished reading, how do you feel about your “Why Us” page? Confident? Apprehensive? Thinking of a rework?

Whatever the case, take these tips to heart and make your “Why Us” page stand out from the crowd.
Author:Lexie Lu
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