Uninstall applications from Windows 10 ISO version 1607

aravind ancheWindows/Vmware
Windows 10 came with  a lot of built in applications, Some organisations leave them there, some will control them using GPO's. This Article is useful for those who do not want to have any applications in their image (example:me).
There are lots of topics online regarding the same article, but none of those have anything when something goes wrong in the process.

To start the installation:
-Copy the all the folders and files from Windows 10 DVD  to a know  location. From the copied folder copy the install.wim file from sources folder to desktop or i prefer to create a folder for that in a drive and paste it there.

-Download the removeapps.ps1 file from the below link

I copied the script to the same folder as my install.wim file.

-Run power shell as Administrator and change directory to the folder where wim file and script are copied

-Run the command  ".\removeapps.ps1 -pathtowim c:\10\install.wim -selectapps $true"
you might likely get the error "script.ps1 is not digitally signed. You cannot run this script on the current system."

-Run the command 
Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process -ExecutionPolicy Bypass"

Open in new window

This will fix that issue.

-Try running "".\removeapps.ps1 -pathtowim c:\10\install.wim -selectapps $true"" 

-What happens when we run the command is it will mount the wim file to temp directory
"c:\users\username\Appdata \Local\tem p\1bbnl01i .4xi"
Note: the folder will not be the same every time we mount 

Now after mounting the wim file we will get the option to choose whether to uninstall the application or not, follow the screen.

If there is error before uninstalling applications:
For example: you might get the error "couldnt find the path after 2 or 3 applications."  In this case the wim file won't be unmounted.

To unmount the wim file 
"Dismount-WindowsImage -path c:\users\username\Ap pdata\Loca l\temp\1bb nl01i.4xi -Save -CheckIntegrity | Out-Null

Hope this helps!

aravind ancheWindows/Vmware

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Good work. It helped me.

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