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Remove HatiHati.A virus from your symbian mobile OS

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In Symbian OS mobiles like Nokia, HatiHati.A virus may affect your mobile sometimes. HatiHati. The virus will continuously keep sending sms to some unknown number. If you go and check your log file of the nokia mobile than you come to know that sms  is continuously sent on some unknown number. Numbers may be like 335571323, 3396003964 etc ... You can view your log file from MyOwn/Logs folder.

Formatting your mobile and memory card both will not remove this virus from your mobile. One way to remove this virus is given on nokia official site. You may follow that way to remove this virus. Here is a link of nokia site where you will find one way to remove this virus.


If this way will not work for you than you can manually remove this virus from your mobile. When I was facing problem with this virus in my nokia N72 at that time i removed it manually and what I have done is describe below in 5 steps. This was really work for me but I cant ensure about your mobile whether it will work for you or not. You may try this if you you like.

Follow the given steps to remove this virus permanently from your mobile.


First you must have some software that can search, edit or delete your mobile's system files and folders. If you don't have and you don't know name of any software like this than you can download YaExplorer tool whose trial version is freely available on internet. Download YaExplorer and install it to your mobile.


Now go to the C:/System/Apps folder.


In this folder there will be one folder named gardian. Delete that folder.


Go to E:/System/Apps folder. There also you will find one folder named gardian. Delete it from that folder also.


Now restart your mobile and see the log file again. Now that automatic sms sending to unknown number is stopped and now your mobile is free from  HatiHati.A virus.

Page Editor Note: Please be aware attempting to remove malware using a process other than that provided by the manufacture may render your phone inoperable. Please ensure you backup all contacts and important data before attempting this procedure.

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