12 Common Start-up Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Gloria KoppDigital Marketer, Business Consultant
Starting your own business is always a daunting process, and for most people it is brand new experience. Avoid the common pitfalls by following these tips to start on the road to success.
Starting your own business is always a daunting process, and for most people it is brand new experience. It’s normally business mistakes, rather than a poor concept, that leads to a lot of new start-ups struggle to get off the ground. Avoid the common pitfalls by following these tips to start on the road to success.

1. Setting Up In the Wrong Place

There’s a reason certain cities are home to more start-ups than others, so if you’re serious about your business, heading to Austin, Seattle, Silicon Valley, or other well-known hubs is a great start. 

2. Being a Single Founder

Very few really successful start-ups come from one founder – it’s normally a group of friends or colleagues. This means other people have faith in your idea, and also that you can share the workload – which will be heavy – and have someone to help you through the highs and the lows.

3. Limiting Yourself with an Obscure Niche

While finding a niche spot on the market may limit your competition, the fact is that if your idea is good, you will have competition. If you’re not prepared to face this, and instead are trying to hide in a small corner of the market, you may never really take off.

4. Not Being Original

Basing your idea on an existing business can be good to a point – if you can solve any issues and make it better, however there is a limit to this, and deriving your whole idea from something that already exists is unlikely to succeed. You won’t excite investors, and you will be sharing your audience with the pre-existing business.

5. Trying to Do Everything Alone

While your new business may feel like your baby, and you may feel that your involvement in every single aspect is necessary, it may be better if you step back from certain tasks. While giving up control may sound daunting, you need to accept that other people have expertise in areas that you do not. And while this requires skill, staying on top of your digital marketing requires time, and needs to be constant to be effective. Using SproutSocial, SmartInsights or Academized to create social media marketing strategies and improve your online visibility can be highly efficient, and save you hours and hours every day. Creating content for websites, writing proposals and business plans can all be very stressful if you’re more of an ideas person. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites that offer outsourcing such as Do my assignment or Custom essay, who can provide writing and editing services from experts. This makes sure that your content and proposals have perfect spelling and grammar, and are all highly professional.

6. Being Closed Minded

While your business may have started with one idea, if you can see that a better option has appeared, make sure you’re flexible enough to take the best possible route. 

7. Launch at the Wrong Time

Most new businesses launch too late – wanting everything to be perfect, when one aspect of their business should have been released earlier to get some excitement and feedback. Launching too quickly can lose some customers if there are too many errors or problems – so this is a delicate balance to get right.

8. Forgetting Your Customer

Keep our audience in mind at every point of your decision making. Don’t put potential profit or investment ahead of actually keeping your consumers happy. 

9. Making Poor Hiring Choices

Any start-up is very aware that the mismanagement of funds could completely derail the whole operation, and that’s one of the reasons may new businesses hold off on hiring full time employees for as long as they can. This is a very safe plan, especially as there are many talented individuals available online, able to provide specific assignment help, and who only need to be paid for that project. Writing professionals are used to getting their point across in a specific word count, so can be as elaborate or concise as you need them to be. So hiring a content writer from Upwork means you can hire a talented writer from anywhere in the world, and you are only committed to them for one task. And for your website design, app development, marketing, or anything else to do with your website, there are some amazingly creative and skilled freelancers on PeoplePerHour, Freelancer or Assignment Help. This can guarantee you an awesome website, but at a lower cost than going to an internet marketing agency, or hiring someone from a limited pool of applicants.

10. Mismanaging Money

Costs are always higher than expected, so make sure you have enough investment to continue, and avoid any overspending. 

11. Not Being Assertive With Investors

While you shouldn’t ignore your investors, remember that his is your business, your idea, and you don’t need to give in to their ideas if you don’t agree with them.

12. Not Going All In

If you want this to succeed, a half-hearted effort just isn’t going to cut it. You need to go full steam ahead with everything you’ve got if you really want to succeed.

Following these tips is no guarantee that your start-up will be a roaring success, however they can help you stay on the right path towards creating a financially viable business. 


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