Cloud Networking Webinar: Coming Together With a Single Click

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Riverbed Technology's webinar discusses networking for the cloud era with simplified SD-WAN cloud connectivity.

Over the last ten years, cloud infrastructure has grown exponentially in capabilities and adoption. Consumers and companies alike have great confidence in the cloud. They can access servers and high-levels of storage within minutes, allowing for faster innovation and high levels of agility.

Network connectivity, however, has not kept up with this fast-paced level of growth.

Riverbed saw an opportunity in this, and sought to provide a solution for improving network connectivity. In this webinar, Riverbed—together with Microsoft—discusses how they focused on software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN), commonly used to connect enterprise networks over large geographical distances. From this, they created SteelConnect, an SD-WAN solution that makes deploying and managing network services simple and intuitive. Up until now, when companies wanted to connect on-premise locations to cloud servers or even external locations, the process would be long and laborious.

“In the past, companies had to do it all by hand. The cloud allows for a high degree of automation, but the physical world hasn’t kept up. Until SteelConnect,” says Angelo Comazzetto, technical director of cloud services at Riverbed.

Now, with products like Riverbed SteelConnect, companies can connect their applications with one click.

This innovation has been prudent for Riverbed’s partnership with Microsoft Azure.

As Reshmi Yandapalli, principal PM at Azure Networking, explains, Microsoft has experienced high levels of Azure adoption, including expansion to 38 regions. The ability to connect Azure locations with a single click through SteelConnect provides cost savings and ease of use to Microsoft Azure consumers.

“Simplicity is the crux of SD-WAN and that is probably the mantra that our customers are singing,” Reshmi says, explaining that the differentiating factor of a one-click instant connect with SteelConnect is big for improving provisioning, deployment, and management of a cloud connection.

The SteelConnect solution also contains a feature called ‘Shadow Appliances’ that allows companies to configure locations without existing or tangible hardware. If a company is planning a new office in a different city, for example, but the infrastructure and hardware isn’t yet in place, they can grab Shadow Appliances and configure each appliance for the entire location before the appliances are in the company's hands—or even shipped to the location.

Be sure to check out this webinar for more information on SteelConnect and to learn:

  • Common barriers companies experience when moving to the cloud
  • How SD-WAN changes the way we look at networks
  • Best practices customers should employ moving forward with cloud migration
  • What happens behind the scenes of SteelConnect’s one-click button
  • Visibility into SteelConnect’s telemetry

Watch the webinar!

Experts ExchangeThe Original Technology Community.
The original technology community.

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