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Why Choose a Premium Membership?

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Experts Exchange
We connect you with people and information to solve problems, inspire learning and influence the future of technology.
Experts Exchange is more than just a Q&A forum. Learn more about the benefits of Premium membership and discover the value for yourself.

The internet provides endless opportunities to learn and grow within your field. When your field is technology, you can find communities and groups specific to your area of expertise with a simple click of the mouse. But uncovering these groups isn’t always enough; sometimes you have to engage in order to gain the most out of the experience.

At Experts Exchange, we highly encourage engagement, whether you want to ask a question, help others solve their problems, publish an article, or create a course on a niche area of technology. Interaction with others in tech and the exploration of our site can help you get ahead professionally and can provide a sense of camaraderie with members who are also working to influence the future of technology.

We provide individuals and companies alike with varying opportunities for engagement and membership, and each are built differently to best fit your needs. With a Premium membership, you unlock exclusive benefits for an advanced and streamlined experience.

Explore More Than Q&A

"Just because you find an answer on Google doesn't mean you're going to get the explanation you need. Sometime it's not enough to know THAT it works, you need to know WHY it works. Experts Exchange is that and more!"
- Bruce, PHP developer

While we have an extensive database of more than 4 million verified tech solutions, the true value of the Q&A forum is the ability to get personalized answers to your specific issue. Our member base of 500K+ includes experts in more than 300 tech topics, and the combined years of experience not only help you find a solution, but make sure that you understand why that solution works. That is where true learning takes place, and it’s a benefit our members enjoy. Premium members have even greater access, with the ability to instantly view all past and existing solutions without waiting.

Top-Tier Education Through 1500+ Courses

More in-depth instruction can sometimes be necessary when learning a new skill, and Experts Exchange members have access to a library of online training courses at exclusive price points not found anywhere else. These courses are taught by our stellar community members, or curated from industry-leading training institutions. Each course is hand-selected by our team to provide education consistent with the quality our members have come to expect.

As a bonus, Premium members will soon be privy to an even wider range of courses that focus on everything from development and programming to human resources and productivity. Most of these 1500+ courses follow a certification path to help enrollees pad their resume at the end of instruction, highlighting continuing education efforts.

Timely Results When You Need It Most

Our global community is always online, so that last minute project at 3 a.m. can get attention when you need it, no matter what timezone you’re in.

"It's really great being able to utilize a service that is so fast and responsive. Even in the middle of the night I'm getting answers to my questions."
- Grant Whiting, web developer at AP Logic

When you sign up for a Premium membership, you are able to ask any question, any time, with no delay. The unlimited, 1:1 help from tech experts—as mentioned above—provides personalized help that can help you navigate particularly sticky binds.This part of our platform has helped businesses save thousands without sacrificing quality.

Premium members also have the ability to make more extensive edits to their question for faster help, including the following:

  1. Boost Question Priority
    Questions on site are automatically listed as medium priority. But when your problem or issue is time-sensitive and needs immediate attention, a Premium membership gives you the ability to boost your question’s priority to high. This will move your question to the top of experts’ feeds for greater attention and more timely responses.
  2. Adjust Question Security Level
    There are times when you may want to ask a question that does not link to your profile or show up in search engine feeds. Premium members can adjust their security level accordingly, by either making questions public, private within the Experts Exchange community, or anonymous so no one can see who is asking the question.
  3. Ring the Help Bell
    When you have a problem that’s halting production and you need to get the attention of subject-matter experts, use the Help Bell for personalized assistance in your pursuit of an answer. This Premium benefit alerts Experts Exchange team members to check the priority of your question as they try to contacts tech professionals on site who can help you.

Network With Tech Experts and Find a Mentor

"I'm lucky to be able to rub shoulders with experts I admire."
- David Hansen, CEO at 2nd Star Aerospace

Our platform is at your disposal to find answers to your questions or help others learn. A Premium membership means you’ll have greater access to some of the leading experts across a wide array of technologies. You can learn from global technology developers and innovators to expand your knowledge base and work toward the forefront of your field.

When you need expert help fast, use your Premium membership for unlimited, 1:1 assistance from available tech professionals. In the process, it’s easy to uncover individuals who can act as mentors. Whether you’re new to the tech industry or established in your career, finding a mentor can be an invaluable tool, not only in solving your tech problems, but also navigating advancement opportunities in your career. Learn from others who’ve been through the trenches of this industry and seek advice on how to make the most of opportunities that come your way.

Even if you’re not searching for a mentor, you still have the unique opportunity of rubbing shoulders with the best in the business and form real, lasting relationships with those who are motivated simply by offering a helping hand. These online peers and mentors can help you choose the right hardware for your company, give you guidance and knowledge to help negotiate a raise, and open you up to new ways of thinking far beyond the typical Q&A platform.

Get AskerCertified(R) Solutions

When you find a solution to a problem on our site, you can trust that the information provided is of the highest quality. The community’s moderation process empowers the asker to determine the most helpful answers. This encourages a culture of mentorship and inclusion rather than competition, and ensures that the world’s leading tech experts are working together to find the best solution.

Experts Exchange exists to inspire learning and influence the future of technology, a practice our members both contribute to and benefit from.

Professional Benefits

When a colleague or potential employer sees “Experts Exchange” on your resume or social profile, it says something. Being a member highlights your ability to collaborate to find a solution, communicate effectively, and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to help someone in need. It also demonstrates a kind of expertise you just don’t find on similar sites.

For those who contribute to the community, the benefits can range from gaining a deeper understanding of the subject matter to opening the doors to employment opportunities. For Stuart Scott, member since 2001, it was both.

After asking and answering Amazon Web Services (AWS) questions on Experts Exchange for years, Stuart began writing articles based on questions he saw pop up over and over. Having never thought of himself as a writer, Stuart took advantage of the opportunity to hone his writing style and found that the format reaffirmed and deepened his own understanding.

“It’s different taking the knowledge from the textbook to the real-world, and then it’s a different kind of learning when you get into the nitty-gritty… you really apply [your] knowledge and then increase it.”
- Stuart Scott, AWS trainer at Cloud Academy

Become a Premium member today and discover the benefits for yourself.


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