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Facebook has became the #1 social media platform. People share many funny videos there, yet you don't know how to download them? Now you can download Videos from Facebook in just 3 simple steps.

From sharing likes and LOLs to some weighty discussions, Facebook has indeed witnessed millions of stories every day. With over 1.86 billion active users on this social networking community, it is one of the most popular mediums to connect, share, and revel.

Facebook has got a power that any FB post of matter holds the potential to go viral. And to that extent that a video of a charming chaiwala can lead him to modeling contracts! This much impact! Unbelievable, isn’t?

Now a days, what is trending on this social media platform is the videos. Many of them are humorous, some give us inspiration, a part of them are good tutorials and a few of them shares some interesting news and facts. So to cut the story short, videos are one of the contributing parts of Facebook and people like to watch and share them.

While Facebook offers the ‘Share’ button along with every post so that the FB folks can enjoy it, what if the video has to be shared on a platform other than Facebook. A good thing surely deserves sharing and thus the idea is to save videos from Facebook and then re-share them on relevant platforms. If you are willing to know how this can be done, here are the ways that can let you do this. Let’s get started, shall we?

Method 1: Save Facebook Video without any Software

  1. Login to your Facebook account. Play the video that you wish to download. While the video is playing, right click on it and choose “Show Video URL”. Once you do this, the video URL will be shown on screen. Copy it.

  2. Now, open a new tab in the browser and paste the URL. Replace the “www” in the URL to “m” and hit enter.

  3. The video will get opened. Play the video.  Right click on it and you will get the option “Save as”. Follow this process and you will get the Facebook video downloaded as MP4 file.

NOTE: When you choose the “Save as” option, the downloading might take a few seconds to get started. So be patient!


  • If you are not that familiar with how to copy the video URL and modify it to get the results then this method is not meant for you.
  • The entire process will take a few minutes. You have to follow the three steps and patiently wait for the video to start downloading.
  • The video quality will not be the same. If it is originally a HD video then the quality won’t be the same.

You can use this trick of downloading Facebook videos on any computer and on Android devices as well. The same process has to be followed in both the cases.

Method 2: Online Facebook Video Downloading Service
To make things simpler, you should try out this trick for downloading videos from FB page. There are some online services available for free that can help you out to save videos from Facebook pages and re-share them in just few clicks. Let’s get started with an example as how they actually work.

  1. Visit any of the online service like To get started.
  2. Copy the Facebook video URL
  3. Paste it to textbox provided on the website. Click on the “Download” button next to it. And you are done.
  4.  Once processed, click the "Download Video" button

Such services are self-explanatory and just require you to copy the URL and paste it. There you go! The quality of videos downloaded remains and you will get the output in the original video file format.

Do try out these methods to download FB videos on computer, Android, or iPhone and let us know which one is your favorite. We would like to know your idea of downloading FB videos as well in the comments below.

Pankaj JangirDigital Marketer
Pankaj Jangir share reviews and unbox latest mobile phones on his blog. Blog URL:

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