How to Import Outlook PST file to Office 365 Cloud Platform Easily

Geeta MalikTech Analyst
Hi, my name is Geeta Malik. I have completed my degree in 2012 and working for MAILS DADDY Software PVT LTD as Tech Analyst.
This article describes how to import an Outlook PST file to Office 365 using a third party product to avoid Microsoft's Azure command line tool, saving you time.

Migrating PST to Office 365 using Azure tool is a complex task. This article will guide you how to import Outlook PST files to your Office 365 cloud platform easily without the need for Azure AzCopy tool or PowerShell. You will be able to upload a PST file data to an Office 365 mailbox effortlessly in two simple steps after reading this post. 

Why Azure AzCopy Tool and PowerShell are not easy to use...

If you are planning to manually migrate your Outlook business data to a cloud based Office 365 platform then it may be a complex and lengthy task. Importing PST to Office 365 with Azure AzCopy requires a detailed planning and proficient technical skills to complete the job.  However, to use this method you need to prepare following things:

  • Copy the SAS URL and install Azure AzCopy which includes 11 steps.
  • Upload your PST files to Azure Storage Location which also requires 3 steps

             (Note: To perform this step you should have knowledge about Command Prompt.)

  • Create the PST Import mapping file that also includes 3 steps.
  • Create a PST Import job in Office 365 which requires 12 more steps.
  • Filter data and start the PST Import for that you need to apply 5 steps.

In this way you need to apply almost 34 steps to upload an Outlook PST files into your Office 365 mailbox, which will take a lot of time to complete the job. If you still want to go with this manual solution then check out Microsoft's article: Use network upload to import PST files to Office 365.

How to Import Outlook PST file to Office 365 Mailbox Quickly?

Instead of the manual approach, I am going to show you how easy it can be using a low cost ($99) third party utility; MailsDaddy's PST to Office 365 Migration Tool, which removes the complexity and makes the PST to Office 365 migration much simpler. There are only a few reliable solutions available which allow for importing PST files to Office 365 directly.  In my experience, this is the most suitable application. The software migrates all components of an Outlook PST file such as: Emails, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Calendars.

The software has been developed with an easy to understand graphical user interface that does not require the use of the command prompt or additional applications. You just need to follow simple two steps to import an Outlook PST file to an Office 365 account.

  1. Browse for the Outlook PST file you want to import into your Office 365 account

  2. Click on Export then provide your Office 365 login credentials and then click the Export button. That’s it.

The software will start importing the PST file's data to the Office 365 account and it will only take a few minutes to complete the job. You will get a confirmation message when the import process has successfully completed.


  • Preview PST file emails, contacts and calendars etc. prior migration in Office 365.
  • Supports migration of selective folders of PST to Office 365 platform.
  • Allows searching and exporting required e-mails only
  • Supports migration of password protected PST file without requiring its password.
  • Works for all versions of Windows OS.


  • Does not support migration of multiple PST files at once.
  • Demo version of software exports only 20 items per folder.
  • Full License is required to import all the PST Data.

What are the limitations for the Free Version and how much is a Personal License?

The free version of the software, previews all the data of the PST file, however it will only import the first 20 items per folder. To remove this limitation, I purchased the personal license of the software for $99.


I would personally recommend MailsDaddy PST to Office 365 Migration Tool for all users who want to import Outlook PST files into Office 365 accounts. The software is easy to use and performs the migration in a very short time, especially since using Microsoft's Azure AzCopy Tool for the migration is quite complex and time consuming. Still, you have both options and freedom to select required one. 

Please post your feedback and comments below.

Geeta MalikTech Analyst
Hi, my name is Geeta Malik. I have completed my degree in 2012 and working for MAILS DADDY Software PVT LTD as Tech Analyst.

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Ravi GuptaSoftware Test Engineer

Thanks Geeta for publishing this helpful article about PST to Office 365 migration. I hope it will help many users who want to import Outlook PST files into Office 365 account.
Geeta MalikTech Analyst


Thanks Ravi for your valuable comment. :)
Sandeep KumarAssociate Consultant

Nice piece of info Geeta, but to export PST files to Office 365, one can use Microsoft azure method. It is definitely a time consuming process but a option if needed.

Alternately Kernel Import PST to Office 365 is available to migrate healthy PST & OST files (any number) with no size limit to Cloud based Office 365 at a very lost cost of $49 single user license only. One can import all or selective emails, Archive folder in original tree structure. To know more about the tool visit:

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